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Do you have questions about pests you’ve heard about in your area in Colorado Springs or any other general pest control concerns for that matter? Learn other information now.

10 Quick Tips for Preventing Rodents in Your Home


Rodents such as rats and mice being spotted in your home can not only be a surprise, it can invoke fear and even lead to the spread of disease. They are known to carry bacteria such as Salmonella on their bodies and contaminate food and other surfaces with their urine and fecal droppings.  The common [...]

10 Quick Tips for Preventing Rodents in Your Home2022-05-31T11:56:22-06:00

6 Tips for Reducing Pest Related Allergens in Your Home


While outdoor allergens are prominent during the warmer months, pests within the home can be a major trigger for allergen sufferers year-round. Keeping dust mites, rodents and cockroach activity under control in a home will decrease the likelihood of these allergens triggering an allergic response. Although dust mites are not commonly treated by pest control [...]

6 Tips for Reducing Pest Related Allergens in Your Home2021-12-01T14:39:21-07:00

Keeping Your Home Spider Free


Arachnophobia consistently ranks amongst the top fears in America. After all, who wants a venomous creepy crawler roaming their home? Taking precautions can go a long way in preventing chance encounters with spiders in your home. While not all spiders are considered to be bad, some pose dangerous health risks to humans or animals that [...]

Keeping Your Home Spider Free2021-12-01T14:42:25-07:00

Interesting Facts About Nuisance Wildlife


While people are well aware of some of the wildlife species that have adapted to living around people, some go unseen and people may not realize how close they live with these wild animals. At times, co-existing with wildlife results in these animals becoming a nuisance/pest and occasionally may even pose a health risk to [...]

Interesting Facts About Nuisance Wildlife2021-12-08T16:43:37-07:00

Finding a Qualified Pest Control Professional


Pest infestations are often frustrating enough for homeowners without adding in the concern of attempting to hire a qualified professional to resolve the issue. Here are a few things to consider when hiring a pest control professional in Colorado Springs: 10 Tips for Finding the Best Pest Control Specialist In Your Area Talk with family, [...]

Finding a Qualified Pest Control Professional2021-12-08T16:50:25-07:00

Pest Control Professionals Improve Our Lives


Pest Control Professionals Improve Our Lives Much like other public health professionals, pest control professionals improve our quality of life. They provide protection to our families, homes, businesses, food supply and our health. Although these factors are not often immediately apparent, the presence of a pest infestation commonly brings them to light. Protection of personal [...]

Pest Control Professionals Improve Our Lives2021-12-09T14:08:12-07:00

Know When to Hire a Pest Control Professional


Know When to Hire a Pest Control Professional While it is often tempting for homeowners to try their hand at pest control, it is best left to a professional.  In pest control, Colorado Springs professionals should not only have appropriate products for treatment, but they should also have the knowledge and training to provide safe [...]

Know When to Hire a Pest Control Professional2021-12-28T09:18:15-07:00

5 Pests We Love to Hate


Pest infestations are not only a nuisance, so types of infestations can cause damage to property, physical harm, and/or transmit diseases. Below are our top 5 pests we love to hate for a few very worthy reasons. Termites are noted for causing over 5 billion dollars in property damage each year. Their destruction/damage of structures [...]

5 Pests We Love to Hate2022-05-31T14:26:52-06:00

How to Keep Your Apartment Home Pest Free


Home Sweet Home! – How to Keep Your Apartment Home Pest Free Due to the nature of the structure of apartment buildings, residents often share more than noises, walls, ceilings and floors. They commonly also share pest problems. Considered by many pest control professionals to be one of the most difficult structures to provide services [...]

How to Keep Your Apartment Home Pest Free2019-08-12T16:27:17-06:00

Snakes – Knowing the basics can save lives


**Wildlife Pests Require a Wildlife Professional & are NOT Considered Pest Control – We are providing this information as a service to our customers and would be happy to refer you to a wildlife control company to further assist you. ** A creature of many peoples’ nightmares, snakes strike fear into thousands.  Furthermore, venomous snakes [...]

Snakes – Knowing the basics can save lives2021-09-30T15:08:06-06:00