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Residential Pest Control

Since 1984, we have stinging insects providing residential pest control to homeowners in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo areas.  Whatever the pest problem may be, you can always count on our experienced and trained technicians to provide you with a professional pest solution.  Whether it be ants, roaches, spiders, crickets, mice, or rats, our technicians have you covered.

Our first step in our pest control process provides your home with the strongest protection against pests is to start on the outside.  Since most of the pests that invade your home start on the outside, your first line of defense would be around the exterior perimeter of your home as well as the surrounding areas of your home (about 5-10 feet from the foundation).  The exterior perimeter demands a high priority when it comes to treating pests and rodents.

Our first line of defense would include a combination of pest products and treatments to include insect baits (granules or gels), residual liquid applications, rodent baits, and bait stations, as well as insecticide dust (in/around window well areas) in some cases.  After we create the exterior barrier to protect your home, our focus will switch to the inside of your home, where our technician will speak with you to determine what levels of pest control you would like and what areas you would like to be treated.

After our initial inspection of your home, our technicians would discuss with you any recommendations regarding any structural deficiencies that may be attributed to your current pest infestation. Some issues may be as easy as replacing weather stripping, patching a window screen, or sealing any small holes or avenues for rodents to gain access.  Any small avenues or holes that can be sealed by using silicone or steel wool, our technicians will do that for you!

If follow-up treatments are recommended, especially in the case of ants, roaches, mice, or bed bugs, our technician will let you know how frequently they would like to come back to treat again, so that we can provide you with eradication as quickly as possible.

We have several different maintenance programs that our customers can choose from based on their own personal needs and pest tolerance thresholds. Generally, for our residential customers, we will recommend our bi-monthly (every other month) program, and the reasoning behind this is because the products that we use have a residual effect that will last between 45-60 days.  As your residual starts to wear off, you are normally due for your next service within the next 7-10 days, which makes the bi-monthly program the most popular choice among our residential customers. For those customers where pest pressure is low, a quarterly (every three months) maintenance program would be recommended. Each of our maintenance programs come with a warranty, so if you should have a pest issue come up during one of your off months, just call our office to schedule an appointment and we will come back and treat free of charge.

Each maintenance program has a one-year service agreement, but we pride ourselves on being a service-based company, so if at any time you feel as though we are not meeting your standards, you can cancel your maintenance program.  We ask for 30 days- notice, but there will be no early cancellation, termination, or buy-out fees.

We also offer our customers the choice of one-time applications or “on-demand” service.  This service is more for those customers who have a specific issue (ants or spiders only) and do not want a regular maintenance program.

Our services and maintenance programs are easy and convenient, and our trained technicians are dedicated to keeping you satisfied and your home pest and rodent-free. We believe the combination of various plans and cancellations at any time allows us to be the best pest control company in the Colorado Springs area.

Call our office today and take that first step in protecting your home from the ground up.


I need to have my carpets cleaned/shampooed. Should I do this before or after my pest control treatment?2018-08-26T02:58:05+00:00

Since we are not sure what products or chemicals will be used while cleaning your carpets, it is possible that those chemicals (bleaches, stain removers, or cleaning agents) will affect the products that we use, and they may breakdown or deteriorate our products much faster then normal and potentially eliminate our products residuals.

What if I have exotic pets (fish, birds, guinea pig, etc.), are there any special precautions I must take to prepare for treatment?2018-08-26T02:57:33+00:00

For fish we will recommend that a towel is placed over the top of the fish tank, as well as the pump to be unplugged while we are there treating, but once we have stopped treating you can plug the pump back in and remove the towels. All birds we ask that they be removed from the premises or placed in a room that you have specifically advised our technician not to treat and closed the door.  Other smaller exotic pets or reptiles can stay in the home, but if their cages are on the ground, we ask that you elevate them up off the ground or simply place a towel on top of their lids/cages as well.

Do I have to leave my home during the treatment?2018-08-26T02:56:58+00:00

The only time that we will recommend for customers to leave their homes during treatment is if they suffer from severe asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder), currently on oxygen, or if they are in their first trimester of pregnancy. This is a precaution that we take as a company, even if the product label does not require them to leave during treatment, but in the instances listed above, we prefer to err on the side of caution.

Are the products that you use safe for my children and pets to be around?2018-08-26T02:55:44+00:00

All the products that we use are registered by the EPA and our technicians will apply according to all labels and laws. Normal precautions for small children and pets are to stay off the treated areas until dry, which normally ranges between 30-45 mins.  This time frame can be shortened to 20-25 mins during the hotter summer months.

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Maintenance Packages

Please choose from one of our maintenance packages below that best fit your pest control needs.

Monthly Application

$4500starting as low as
  • This service is primarily for commercial accounts (restaurants, coffee shops, donut shops, etc.) that require a monthly maintenance. Some residential customers will go monthly based on their tolerance threshold, or they are from the South and they are just used to a monthly service frequency.

Bi-Monthly Application

$7200starting as low as
  • This is primarily for residential customers and the most common service package that we recommend to our residential customers. The reason that we prefer the bi-monthly service is because the products that we use typically have a residual effect that lasts between 45-60 days and that the customer will be due for their next regularly scheduled treatment normally within the next 1-2 weeks.

Quarterly Application

$9500starting as low as
  • This is for customer’s who do not mind seeing the occasional spider or ant and have a higher tolerance threshold. Since these customers are serviced every 90 days, there is roughly a 30-day period where they will not have any “active” product or residual at their home since the products used have become less effective or worn-off.

Additional Applications

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Occasional Invaders: Ground Beetles
Beetles: Carpet Beetles and Cabinet Beetles
Biting Insects (In Home Only): Fleas and Ticks
Stinging Insects: Bees, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Mud Daubers
Stored Product Pests: Indian Meal Moth, Flour Beetles, Larder Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Sawtoothed Grain Beetles, Clothes Moths
Rodents (25ft Radius of Home): Pocket Gophers and Voles
Exclusions Include: Wood Destroying Insects, Bed Bugs, Clover Mites, Flies and Gnats

One Time Application – Starting as low as $140

Customer will contact us to provide a one-time application or “on-demand” applications throughout the year. Some will call twice a year (Springs & Fall) for service.

Rodents – Starting as low as $150

If a customer has a rodent (mice/rat) issue we typically recommend that they are on a monthly frequency at first until eradication has stinging insect achieved, then we can switch them to a less frequent package.

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