Pest Maintenance Programs

Residential Pest Control for Colorado

HouseWhether you live in Colorado Springs, Pueblo or surrounding areas, you can count on the team at Mug-A-Bug to help you take care of insects and rodents that have become a nuisance in or around your home.  Our ongoing pest maintenance programs are designed to eliminate pests out of the gate and help maintain a pest-free environment year round.  Our programs are customized to target everything from crawling insects to rats and mice!

Pest Control That Protects Your Home


One of our qualified technicians will perform a thorough inspection/treatment of your home, noting visible pest activity and/or conducive conditions.  A copy of our service ticket and service recommendations will be provided to you.  Mug-A-Bug’s pest maintenance program is an ideal home pest control solution and begins with an intensive initial service, consisting of a perimeter treatment to the exterior your home as well as a full interior treatment to gain control of any existing pest problems. Your technician may also:

  • Place insect glue boards in various areas to track pest activity around the interior of your home
  • Place tamper-resistant rodent bait stations to maintain control of rats and mice.
  • Treat window wells for spider activity.
  • Remove unsightly spider webs and cobwebs.


Beyond your initial service, our programs focus on both the interior and exterior of your home, where most pest problems are likely to occur.   As part of your ongoing pest managemBackyardent program, we will return at your next scheduled treatment following your initial service, to inspect for pest activity and treat the interior/exterior of your home, as well as perform pinpoint treatments as needed for pests like ants, crickets, spiders, or mice who may invade your home at various times of the year

Interior treatments may be waived at your request at anytime, and your maintenance guarantee will remain in effect. However, to maintain your service warranty, a treatment is necessary within any 90 day period. Just let us know and we would be happy to accommodate your schedule changes as they arise.


  • Inspect and treat the interior/exterior of your home for pest activity
  • Apply any perimeter baits/sprays for pest treatments around your home
  • Treat all possible pest entry points (around doors, windows, garages, basements, etc.)
  • Check & refill rodent bait stations (as needed)
  • Inspect miscellaneous pest harborage areas (sheds, decks, eaves, crawlspaces, etc.) and treat accordingly


Termite protection, may be added to your pest maintenance program.  Monitoring stations will be installed flush with the ground around your home’s perimeter and will be checked for signs of termite activity at each service visit.  Should new termite activity ever be observed, we will recommend a conventional liquid termite treatment using all necessary means to eliminate the colony underground.  The termite treatment would require a inspection/bid for approval prior to any treatment being performed.

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Your pest control services are fully warranted in between each visit.  If you ever observe any new pest activity in between your regularly scheduled service visits, we will return and re-treat at no additional charge until we have controlled the problem to your satisfaction.  Just call our office and we will get you scheduled for a follow-up visit promptly.



We service the following areas/locations: Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Calhan, Falcon, Peyton, Elbert, Ellicott, Security, Widefield, Black Forest, Monument, Larkspur, Palmer Lake, Manitou Springs, Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, and the US Air Force Academy.