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If you keep canned goods or other dry storage foods tucked away in a pantry, and haven’t eaten them in a while, there is a chance you could have acquired a few stored-product pests. Learn more about these pests and how to get them out of your stored goods.

Pest Control Professionals Improve Our Lives


Pest Control Professionals Improve Our Lives Much like other public health professionals, pest control professionals improve our quality of life. They provide protection to our families, homes, businesses, food supply and our health. Although these factors are not often immediately apparent, the presence of a pest infestation commonly brings them to light. Protection of personal [...]

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Know When to Hire a Pest Control Professional


Know When to Hire a Pest Control Professional While it is often tempting for homeowners to try their hand at pest control, it is best left to a professional.  In pest control, Colorado Springs professionals should not only have appropriate products for treatment, but they should also have the knowledge and training to provide safe [...]

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Add Pest Prevention to Your Spring-Cleaning List


Add Pest Prevention to Your Spring-Cleaning List The flowers will soon be in bloom, days are becoming warmer and spring-cleaning is in full swing. While most homes are brushing off the dust of winter, many homeowners forget to add pest prevention to their spring-cleaning list. Along with preventative measures, this is a perfect time to [...]

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Cigarette Beetles


Commonly confused with the related Drugstore Beetle, the Cigarette Beetle has distinct striations on its wing covers. Cigarette Beetles, as their name indicates, are a common stored product pest of tobacco products; however, they are also common in other dried plant materials including dried fruits, grains, herbs, spices and dried flowers.  These stinging insecttles are [...]

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Drugstore Beetles


A nearly identical look-alike to the cigarette stinging insecttle, drugstore stinging insecttles differ in that they have rows of pits on their wing covers whereas cigarette stinging insecttles have smooth wing covers.  In addition, drugstore stinging insecttles have a well defined three segmented club to their antennae.  Coloration varies from light brown to a reddish [...]

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Merchant Grain Beetles


Once considered to be the same as a saw-toothed grain stinging insecttle, merchant grain stinging insecttles have since stinging insect found to be a separate species.  A worldwide pest, the merchant grain stinging insecttle has adapted to cooler climates.  Adults are capable of flight, approximately 1/8 of an inch in length, dark brown in color [...]

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Foreign Grain Beetles


An introduced species, commonly associated with grains, the foreign grain stinging insecttle is typically a minor pest from an economic stand point due to the fact that they infest moist deteriorating stored products.  This species is now found worldwide.  Adult foreign grain stinging insecttles are reddish brown in color with a flattened body, approximately 1/16th to [...]

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Granary Weevils


Considered one of the primary stored product pests, granary weevils infest only whole kernels of grain.  Adult granary weevils are approximately 1/8 to ¼ inch in length with a head that elongates into a narrow snout.  Reddish-brown to black in color, unlike rice weevils, granary weevils lack the four light-colored spots on their wing covers.  [...]

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Red and Confused Flour Beetles


Although very similar in appearance, red and confused flour stinging insecttles do have a few characteristics that allow for identification.  Antennae on the confused flour stinging insecttle tapers into a four segmented club on the end whereas the red flour stinging insecttle has a three segmented club without the tapering.  In addition, the body segment [...]

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Warehouse Beetles


Adult warehouse stinging insecttles vary in size and coloration; however, they are typically around 1/8 of an inch in length and brownish black in color.  Warehouse stinging insecttle adults, unlike Khapra stinging insecttles are capable of flying.  Due to their close relation to other stinging insecttle species, it is recommended that samples be submitted to [...]

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