Pest Free is the way to BBQ


Pest Free is the way to BBQ – Tips to Keep Away Unwanted Guests With summer in full swing, many of us have joined the 85% of consumers who acknowledge their love of picnics, barbeques and outdoor leisure activities. In preparing to host events, something that is often overlooked by event hosts are the pests [...]

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Fruit/Vinegar Flies


A non-biting fly species, fruit/vinegar flies are commonly found near overripe or fermenting fruits and vegetables.  In addition, breads and other baked goods containing yeast are a common attractant for fruit flies.  The same goes for vinegar, stinging insectr, soda and fruit juices.  Larval stages are rarely seen and occur in decaying foods. Once larvae [...]

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Picture-Winged Flies


A family that contains several species, the only Picture-Winged fly found in Colorado is Ceroxys latiusculus.  Approximately the size of a house fly, these flies are typically found inside homes in early fall. Request a Quote Much like the Cluster fly, Picture-Winged flies enter structures seeking a place to over-winter; however, a majority of Picture-Winged [...]

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Cluster Flies – Over-Wintering Pests


Although a majority of residents are adapted to the habit of swatting flies during the summer, many are baffled at the appearance of flies in the autumn and winter months within the home.  Common house flies are not typically active during this time, which leaves residents wondering where the flies are coming from.  Typically, these [...]

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Drain Flies


Also commonly known as moth flies or filter flies, drain flies are a common household pest.  Small flies at only 1/6 to 1/5 of an inch long drain fly adults are covered in thick dark hairs and are typically dark gray to black in color.  They hold their single pair of wings high above their [...]

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Fungus Gnats


Ever notice mosquito-sized gnats crawling across the soil surface of your plants or congregated in windows?  You may be experiencing a fungus gnat infestation.  Fungus gnats develop in the soil of houseplants and can become a nuisance in homes.  Worm-like larvae are translucent in color with exception of their head, which is black. Larvae are [...]

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Biting Flies – Black Flies, Stable Flies & Deer Flies


While mosquitoes are likely the best known of the biting flies, there are numerous other species that bite as well.  Thankfully, in Colorado, mosquitoes are the only species known for transmitting human diseases.  There are however biting flies that can transmit animal diseases.  To humans, the often more important factor in fly bites is that [...]

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House Flies


At 1/8-1/4 of an inch in length, house flies can be readily identified by the four lengthwise stripes on their thorax, directly behind their head.  Adults cannot bite as their mouth parts are adapted to be utilized in a sponging method which limits them to ingesting only liquid foods.  Solid foods are liquefied by regurgitating [...]

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Blow Flies


Blow flies are an assorted group of flies that range in size from approximately 6 to 14 mm in length.  In general, this group has a metallic sheen to the bodies in varied colors depending on the species ranging from green to orange to copper.  Blow flies occur throughout the lower 48 states and many [...]

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Biting Midges


Minute to tiny flies at only 1-3mm in length, biting midges can be a severe pest of humans, pets, livestock and wildlife.  Known by many common names including “no-see-ums”, “punkies” and “five-O’s”, depending on the region of the country you are visiting, biting midges can be extremely annoying.  Although they are not known to transmit [...]

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