//Wood Destroying Insects

Carpenter Ants


Termites are not the only insect that can damage the wood structures of your home.  Carpenter ant colonies may enter homes through gaps in the foundation, cracks around doors and windows or though gas or electrical penetrations into the home.  While subterranean termite infestations always start at ground level, carpenter ants are capable of entering [...]

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Carpenter Bees


Often mistaken for bumble bees based on their size, coloring and appearance, Carpenter Bees are classified as a wood destroying insect due to their nesting habits.  One significant difference is that carpenter bees have a shiny black abdomen whereas bumble bees have more of a fuzzy yellow abdomen. Carpenter Bees mate in the spring, the [...]

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Swarmers – Termite vs. Ants – Do you know how to tell the difference?


Every year, we receive dozens of calls regarding the sudden appearance of swarmers within and around customers’ homes.  The primary concern of many of our customers is that these swarmers being their first sign of a termite infestation.  However, many times swarmers are instead a sign of an ant infestation, which although still a problem [...]

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Subterranean Termite Treatment – What to expect at your home


Finding out that your home is infested with termites can be a scary diagnosis when you don’t know what to expect both physically and financially from a termite treatment.  Every home is unique and should be evaluated by a termite professional to provide an estimate and details for treatment to eliminate unexpected expenses or surprises [...]

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Preventative Measures for Termites


Protecting your home against the potential for termite infestation is a process that can begin during the construction of your home.  Soil treatments with termiticides are available for homes during the construction process.  These treatments create a chemical barrier at the point of contact between the structure and the ground, the level at which termite [...]

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Subterranean Termites – Signs of an Infestation


Wood damaged by termites   The cause of roughly $5,000,000,000 in property damage annually, termites are a major threat to homes and commercial structures as they silently eat their way through wood, flooring and any other products containing cellulose (wall paper, paper exterior of drywall are prime examples) along the way.  A great [...]

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Subterranean Termites


Subterranean Termites (Worker on left - Soldier on right) Enlarged to show detail Part of nature’s clean up crew for dead wood and debris; subterranean termites lack the ability to distinguish between a dead tree and the structure of your home.  Termites feed on products that contain cellulose, including: dead trees, lumber and [...]

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Termite Awareness Month – February


Here at Mug-A-Bug we recognize the importance of protecting your home against termite damage and infestation.  Each year Florida utilizes the month of February to educate residents about termite infestations and we would like to do the same.  Over the next few weeks we will be providing information on the subterranean termites that infest structures in Colorado, [...]

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