Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we are dedicated to solving your pest problems! 

Mug-A-Bug is a local family-owned and operated company, and we have stinging insect servicing our customers (both homeowners and business owners alike) since 1984.  We treat each home as if it were our home and each business as if it were our business.

Our customers know that they are not an interruption to our day, but rather they are the purpose of our day.  From the smallest ant to the largest rat, we have you covered for any infestation that may crawl or fly your direction.

For our residential customers we know that your home is your biggest investment and largest asset to protect and that is where we step and take control. While the pest may stay the same from house to house, our approach and treatment plan will be customized to your home and your needs specifically.  With flexible maintenance plans and service options available, our customers have the control to pick and choose what pest control is the right pest control for them.

We recognize that businesses are built by reputation, and we take pride in the reputation that we have built in providing our commercial accounts and local businesses with superior pest control services. From ants and roaches, to flies in the kitchen, there is no pest infestation that we cannot handle.  Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to protect your business, and more importantly your customers, from pests.

Here at Mug-A-Bug we understand that professional service and customer satisfaction are the key to maintaining client relationships and we strive to provide our customers with excellent service at a reasonable cost.  Give our office a call today and let us prove to you how superior pest control will solve your pest problems!

Ant Removal

Ants are one of the most commonly found pests inside a dwelling and require a very specific treatment plan to provide maximum ant control.  Ants enter for any number of reasons, but more than likely, they are searching for food.  Your dwelling represents a possible food and water source.  It can also provide protection from predators and the elements, thus serving as a potential site for new colonies once they are ready to expand.


Many species of spiders are native to Colorado.  Some are easily recognizable while others are a bit less likely to be recognized.  In general, spiders are beneficial arthropods that consume many other insects in and around homes and gardens.  Colorado spiders typically have a lifespan of a single year; however wolf spiders and widows can live a few years and tarantulas can live for a decade or longer.

Roach Removal

When you compare spray and aerosol insecticides for roach baits and gels, the difference between the two is one offers short-lived satisfaction and the other long-term control.  If your real goal is complete roach removal, you must target its source: the nest or colony.

Rodent Removal

In most cases, 12-18 rodent stations would be placed in and around your home to provide the proper control.  Mug-A-Bug is a firm believer in an exterior perimeter baiting program, as the exterior of your home is the first line of defense before any rodents enter your home.  Most rodents will feed within a 25-ft. radius, so we will place weighted exterior bait stations within that range all around the exterior of your Colorado Springs home for pest control that is comprehensive and efficient.

Commercial Pigeon Control

When you hire Mug-A-Bug to remove pigeons from your property, we use every resource at our disposal to get the job done and get the job done right the first time.  The bird repellents, bird spikes, and other products are 100% humane and they work hand in hand with our pest control knowledge to return to your property back to the way it was before your pigeon infestation began.


Mosquitoes are well known by most people because of their annoying biting habit. Of greater concern, they are very important as vectors of numerous human diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue, encephalitis, and West Nile virus. Only female mosquitoes are known to bite (take blood meals on) humans and other host animals. The short-lived males feed exclusively on nectar from blossoms.

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