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Commercial Pest Control

We have stinging insect servicing thousands of commercial properties to include warehouses, restaurants, strip malls, office buildings, and shopping centers since 1984. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge required to protect your businesses and customers from both crawling insects and rodents.

We provide all our commercial clients with complete pest and rodent solutions for single site businesses as well as multiple location customers.  Even the smallest pest infestation, such as ants, can have huge consequences to your business and its reputation.  Each type of commercial account has its own set of pest challenges, which is why we will create a custom service package that is tailored to your business and will prevent pest problems from occurring on a regular basis.  CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!!

Pest Control for Restaurants

While relying on well over 100 years combined pest control experience, our technicians are trained to identify and recognize how pests gain access into your building, or how your building may be providing them with safe harborage.  We use all our professional knowledge to assess each situation and develop the right pest control program that fits your business needs and requirements for year-round protection.

Mug-A-Bug understands the severity of a pest infestation and the need for an immediate response with the utmost discretion.  We will provide services prior to your scheduled opening time and all our products are low to no odor, so our professional products and treatments will not interfere with any of your daily operations or procedures.

We can provide you with the help that you need, whether that be a dependable maintenance package, expedited response time, or just a pest inspection by one of our technicians, we are there for you.  We can respond to all commercial service requests typically within 12-24 hours of notification into our office.

Mug-A-Bug certainly understands that pest infestations in any business is not an option.  Our technicians are local Colorado experts who live in our local communities, and support your businesses, so a quick response to any pest issue is always a top priority here at Mug-A-Bug.

Each customer will have the peace of mind that comes with having Mug-A-Bug as their pest control provider.  Our technicians have the knowledge and understanding of all relevant rules, regulations, and documentation requirements, that many health department inspectors may require.  We are always your pest partner and will be happy to discuss with any inspector at any time.

With our proven pest control treatments that combine different processes and technologies, we will always ensure that you remain one step ahead of any pest or rodent infestation.

Pest Control for Flies – Restaurants and Commercial Buildings (Office and Warehouse)

These units will catch all flying insects to include: flies, gnats, moths, and mosquitoes.  Each two (2) bulb unit will cover approx. 900-1000 sq. ft., so multiple units may be necessary depending upon how much square footage you want to cover.  Each ILT can be wall mounted approx. 3-5 feet up off the floor and will require 110v electrical outlet, and the power cords are about 6-8 feet long.

Pest Control for Office Buildings and Warehouses

Our technicians are commercial specialists and can take care of pest and rodent issues for any type of business.  Our pest control approach is top-notch, and our highly trained technicians will customize your service package based on the needs of your business, employees, and customers.  We work directly with you to create a cost-effective pest control solution for whatever pest infestation you may have.  We offer several different pest control services for all business types to include: crawling insect control, rodent control, stinging insects, bed bugs, termites, flying insects (flies, moths, gnats, etc.), and termites.

Our exterior rodent baiting program will stop rodents from entering food prep areas, garbage areas, or other areas where they may encounter customers. The exterior baiting program will provide a first line of defense by surrounding your facility and in many cases prevent any interior infestations.  We will also place our smaller rodent bait stations on the interior of your business, in areas that are not visible to the public eye.  This will provide you with additional coverage if any rodents should get past our first line of defense with the exterior rodent baiting program.

We have dealt with all types of rodents and pests, and by contacting us today, you are making the first step to keeping your business pest and rodent free.

Types of Commercial Pest Control

• Restaurants
• National Hotel Chains
• Out-patient Surgery Centers
• Government Facilities
• Daycare Facilities
• Country Clubs
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Rehabilitation Centers

• Warehousing
• Condominiums
• Corporate Offices
• Shopping Centers
• City Facilities
• County Facilities
• Banks & Credit Unions
• Military Housing Communities
• Multi-Family Communities
• Department of Defense

• Private Nursing Homes
• Food Distribution Warehouses
• Commercial Property Management
• Food Manufacturing
• Self-Storage Facilities
• Tech Schools
• Residential Property Management

Maintenance Packages

Please choose from one of our maintenance packages below that best fit your pest control needs.

Monthly Application

$4500starting as low as
  • This service is primarily for commercial accounts (restaurants, coffee shops, donut shops, etc.) that require a monthly maintenance. Some residential customers will go monthly based on their tolerance threshold, or they are from the South and they are just used to a monthly service frequency.

Proudly Serving Our Local Commercial Buildings Since 1984