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Know When to Hire a Pest Control Professional

While it is often tempting for homeowners to try their hand at pest control, it is best left to a professional.  In pest control, Colorado Springs professionals should not only have appropriate products for treatment, but they should also have the knowledge and training to provide safe and proper treatments to resolve pest infestations.

Frequently, the pests that a homeowner observes are a small portion of a larger problem. Without proper treatment, the root of the problem is likely to continue to grow. Many pests have rapid reproduction capabilities; therefore, quick and effective action ultimately results in decreased treatments necessary to resolve the infestation.

There are pests with the capability to pose health risks to families and cause damage to property. Certain scenarios should always be handled by a professional including, but not limited to:


Termites and wood-destroying insects are responsible for more than $5 billion dollars in damage every year. They often cause damage to the structural integrity of homes and businesses resulting in costly repairs and treatments. Commonly referred to as a “silent destroyer” due to their 24 hour a day, 7 day a week destruction of wood, flooring, drywall and wallpaper. It is estimated that 52% of Americans have never had their homes inspected for termites.

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Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed Bugs are often elusive by nature. They prefer crack and crevice-type environments for their harborage and breeding areas. They commonly hang out in areas within wall voids, behind electrical plate covers, along seams of mattresses and box springs. Bed Bugs are hardy pests known to withstand temperatures ranging from nearly freezing to 122 degrees. They are notorious for surviving prolonged periods of time without a blood meal making bed bug treatment difficult without the help of a professional pest control company. Many professionals consider them to be one of the most difficult pests to control. Even with professional assistance, several treatments are often needed in order to completely eliminate a bed bug infestation.

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Pesky Insect Removal

Stinging insects should always be left to pest control professionals as they often pose serious health risks to homeowners. Many stinging insects will swarm and attack if the colony feels threatened, often when a homeowner tries to remove a wasp or bee nest themselves. Pest Control professionals have both the knowledge and equipment to safely provide treatment for stinging insects. Stinging insects such as honey bees require specialized care to relocate the colony and extract the honeycomb and honey in order to prevent additional pests/new colonies and to stop the potential damage.

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Bug Infestation Removal

Reoccurring infestations are typically a sign that proper treatment has not been completed. A pest professional has training and knowledge to identify potential causes for reoccurring infestations. In many cases, a lack of knowledge of the pest’s habits can result in continued activity. In other cases, exclusion to keep the pest from entering the structure in the first place may be the cause. These are only two of the potential causes for a continued pest problem. Underlying problems may not be obvious to an untrained eye. Pests must be properly identified and a plan created to resolve the infestation.

If you suspect or are aware that you have pest activity, give Mug A Bug a call for the best pest control Colorado Springs has to offer!