Pest Control Professionals Improve Our Lives


Pest Control Professionals Improve Our Lives Much like other public health professionals, pest control professionals improve our quality of life. They provide protection to our families, homes, businesses, food supply and our health. Although these factors are not often immediately apparent, the presence of a pest infestation commonly brings them to light. Protection of personal [...]

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Know When to Hire a Pest Control Professional


Know When to Hire a Pest Control Professional While it is often tempting for homeowners to try their hand at pest control, it is best left to a professional. Pest professionals not only have appropriate products for treatment, they have the knowledge and training to provide safe and proper treatments to resolve pest infestations. Frequently, [...]

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Add Pest Prevention to Your Spring-Cleaning List


Add Pest Prevention to Your Spring-Cleaning List The flowers will soon be in bloom, days are becoming warmer and spring-cleaning is in full swing. While most homes are brushing off the dust of winter, many homeowners forget to add pest prevention to their spring-cleaning list. Along with preventative measures, this is a perfect time to [...]

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Pest-Free Kitchens are Healthier Kitchens


Pest-Free Kitchens are Healthier Kitchens Kitchens and dining rooms have long been known as a central gathering place in homes over the years as families and guests come together to share meals and make memories. Keeping these areas pest-free can, at times, be a challenge; however, there are precautions that can be taken by homeowners [...]

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Keep Your Pantry Free Of Pests


On Dasher, On Dancer – How to keep your reindeer snacks free from pantry pests this year Holiday time is often baking time in most homes across the country. From cookies to gingerbread houses, holiday baking is typically a fun and festive family tradition; however, one of the quickest ways to ruin this joyous time [...]

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Brown-banded Cockroaches


Unlike their relatives the German, Oriental and American cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches tend towards areas away from water sources.  Warm areas near refrigerator motors are a particular favorite along with high in cabinets and on walls/ceilings.  They can also be found in furniture, dressers, clocks, and radios as well as behind wall hangings, electrical plate covers, [...]

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German Cockroaches


German cockroaches are one of the most commonly encountered species of roaches.  They hold top priority as far as importance due to their disease carrying abilities.  German roaches are known vectors of numerous types of bacteria, half a dozen parasitic worms and several other pathogens.  They are also responsible for household allergens and are even [...]

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American Cockroaches


The largest of Colorado’s roaches at roughly two inches in length, the American cockroach is most common in commercial buildings where steam tunnels, boiler and furnace rooms are present.  They can however migrate to nearby structures during warm weather or be transported on food containers from one location to another. American cockroaches are mahogany (reddish-brown) [...]

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Oriental Cockroaches


Of the 3,500 species of roaches found worldwide, less than 2% of the species are found within the Untied States.  Oriental cockroaches often invade from the outdoors, traveling into homes and buildings along plumbing and other utility penetrations or slipping in through gaps and cracks at foundation level.  They have also stinging insect known to [...]

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