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How to Keep Your Apartment Home Pest Free

Home Sweet Home! – How to Keep Your Apartment Home Pest Free

Due to the nature of the structure of apartment buildings, residents often share more than noises, walls, ceilings and floors. They commonly also share pest problems. Considered by many pest control professionals to be one of the most difficult structures to provide services to, apartments pose many challenges. Pinpointing the cause of an infestation is often key in resolving an infestation. When that source is hidden in a separate apartment unit, a professional must be given access to the correct unit in order to resolve the problem. Not only do walls and floors provide access to neighboring units, utilities and plumbing penetrations provide runways for many species of pests to travel from unit to unit. Exterior pest exclusion can be just as in apartment complexes; door sweeps, window screens, and weather sealing/stripping are extremely important factors in keeping pests out of every home.
While bed bugs, roaches, rodents and other pests often plague apartment complexes, residents can take steps to reduce the likelihood of encountering pests in their home.

Be Cautious and Inspect Secondhand Items…

While the price on secondhand items (especially furniture) may be appealing, make sure to carefully inspect all items for signs of pests. Items placed at curbs or dumpsters may be there for a good reason.
Inspect Deliveries and Unpack Them Promptly…
Deliveries, especially grocery or food items, offer the opportunity for pests to hitch a ride into your home. Boxes that are not sealed properly may provide cracks and crevices in which bed bugs, roaches and even spiders can hide. Inspect items carefully as you unpack deliveries in your home and immediately remove boxes upon completion.
Be Observant During Travels…
Even a simple guest sleeping over at your home or a child sleeping at a friend’s house can introduce pests into your home. Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers. Thoroughly check all suitcases upon returning home, vacuuming with a crack and crevice attachment may also help rid them of any unwanted guests. All clothing that can tolerate it should go into the washer immediately upon arriving home. Limit the items that you travel with to only those necessary.

General Tips for Avoiding Pests Day-To-Day…

1. Routinely inspect window screens, weather stripping & door sweeps for needed repairs.
2. Check utility penetrations and pipes, if not well sealed, report them to maintenance for repair.
3. Check under sinks regularly and report any water leaks to maintenance as water is an attractant for many pests.
4. Dispose of garbage in tightly sealed trash containers, removing it from the apartment regularly.
5. Vacuum consistently and at least once a week (more often if infestations are present).
6. Wipe down counters and clean up spills immediately.
7. Store all foods both human and animal in air-tight containers.
In the event of a pest infestation, make sure to notify your apartment office immediately. The sooner an infestation is addressed the better.