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Rats, Spiders & Bed Bugs OH MY!


Rats, Spiders & Bed Bugs OH MY! Don’t let these pests scare you away this Halloween While creepy crawlers may invade your porch on Halloween night in the form of trick-or-treaters, you certainly do not want the real-life pests invading your home. Fall is prime invasion season for many rodents and insects. As the temperatures [...]

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Masked Hunter


Part of the Assassin Bug family, masked hunter adults are approximately 10-12mm in length.  They are very dark brown to black in color and have a narrow head with a distinct beak protruding from below.  Their front legs are slightly thickened in comparison to their other legs, which is an adaptation for grasping and holding [...]

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Colorado is home to more than 10 species of crickets.  Occasionally, crickets wander into homes and although they do not reproduce inside of homes, during times of high activity their chirping can be a nuisance to homeowners.  Only the male crickets “sing”, attempting to attract attention of the females and during their courtship.  They will [...]


Bird Mites


Bird mites are miniscule, flattened parasites that feed on the blood of birds.  The short lifecycle of bird mites, which contains five stages, enables bird mite populations to rapidly increase, sometimes into the tens of thousands in a single nest.  The only life stage of bird mite that is visible to the naked eye is [...]

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Bat Bugs


Until recent years, when bed bugs have exploded in population and spread worldwide, bat bugs were the most common of the 5 closely related species of bloodsucking bugs that are found in Colorado.  Bats and occasionally birds accessing attic and wall void areas for the purpose of raising their young may be infested with bat [...]

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Swallow Bugs


Swallow Bug Nymph Swallow bugs are parasites of cliff swallows and occasionally barn swallows.  Bed bugs swallow bugs and bat bugs are among 5 species of a family of bloodsucking insects in Colorado.  Unlike bed bugs which are commonly active year-round within homes, swallow bugs are typically dormant during periods when swallows are [...]

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Larder Beetles


A stinging insecttle of the Dermestidae family, larder stinging insecttle adults range in size from ¼ to 3/8 of an inch in length and have distinctly clubbed antennae.  Their bodies are oval shaped and elongated.  Primary coloring is dark brown to black, with the top portion of the wing covers having a yellowish band that [...]

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Carpet Beetles


Carpet Beetle Larvae Several species of carpet stinging insecttles including black carpet stinging insecttles, varied carpet stinging insecttles and furniture carpet stinging insecttles are commonly found in homes in Colorado as well as in wild populations.  Although minor occurrences of these stinging insecttles are not usually of concern, experiencing a severe infestation may [...]

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Roughly 80 species of fleas can be found living in Colorado, which is among the largest number found in any state; however, flea infestations around the home and on pets are not nearly as common as in other areas of the United   States.  Colorado’s typically dry climate is not favorable for the immature stages [...]


Silverfish and Firebrats


Look-alike household pests, silverfish and firebrats can at times be difficult to tell apart.  There are subtle differences in appearance as well as the habitats in which they tend towards. Silverfish are a shiny, silver or pearl gray in color and ½ to ¾ of an inch in length.  They tend towards warm humid areas [...]

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