Maintenance Packages

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Monthly Application

$5000starting as low as
  • This service is primarily for commercial accounts (restaurants, coffee shops, donut shops, etc.) that require a monthly maintenance. Some residential customers will go monthly based on their tolerance threshold, or they are from the South and they are just used to a monthly service frequency.

Bi-Monthly Application

$8000starting as low as
  • This is primarily for residential customers and the most common service package that we recommend to our residential customers. The reason that we prefer the bi-monthly service is because the products that we use typically have a residual effect that lasts between 45-60 days and that the customer will be due for their next regularly scheduled treatment normally within the next 1-2 weeks.

Quarterly Application

$10500starting as low as
  • This is for customer’s who do not mind seeing the occasional spider or ant and have a higher tolerance threshold. Since these customers are serviced every 90 days, there is roughly a 30-day period where they will not have any “active” product or residual at their home since the products used have become less effective or worn-off.

Additional Applications

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Occasional Invaders: Ground Beetles
Beetles: Carpet Beetles and Cabinet Beetles
Biting Insects (In Home Only): Fleas and Ticks
Stinging Insects: Bees, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Mud Daubers
Stored Product Pests: Indian Meal Moth, Flour Beetles, Larder Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Sawtoothed Grain Beetles, Clothes Moths
Rodents (25ft Radius of Home): Pocket Gophers and Voles
Exclusions Include: Wood Destroying Insects, Bed Bugs, Clover Mites, Flies and Gnats

One Time Application – Starting as low as $140

Customer will contact us to provide a one-time application or “on-demand” applications throughout the year. Some will call twice a year (Springs & Fall) for service.

Rodents – Starting as low as $150

If a customer has a rodent (mice/rat) issue we typically recommend that they are on a monthly frequency at first until eradication has stinging insect achieved, then we can switch them to a less frequent package.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services / Treatments

Will rain or snow wash away my treatment?2022-01-18T13:32:59-07:00

Not necessarily. As we mentioned before, our technicians are trained at where to apply products and chemicals so that weather does not affect them directly.  We will focus around the windows, door frames, and eave areas, which are normally protected by the overhangs and eaves of your home. Inclement weather does not affect any treatments to the interior of your home whatsoever, so in most cases when we have rainy or snowy days, we can still come and treat the interior of your home.  Most insecticides are designed to adhere to the surfaces to which they were applied.  If you really think about it and if the weather did truly have such a huge impact on the products that we used, we would literally have to go back out and re-treat every single house and account after each rain/snow storm. The manufacturers have created product formulas, many which are water-based, so a little rain does not hurt or wash away your treatment.  As always, we understand our customer’s concerns and will reschedule at their request, however, we can press on and treat as we normally would come rain, snow, or sunshine.

Why do I need pest control in the winter?2022-01-18T14:19:38-07:00

During the fall and winter months, pests and rodents begin to look for and seek shelter for the upcoming cooler months. This is also the time when we see spiders and rodents (mice) make the biggest push indoors so that they can overwinter and survive the freezing temperatures at night.  We want to make sure that your exterior perimeter and first line of defense is in full force with no areas or gaps/lapses in services during this time.  Winter is when we will shift our focus to your rodent bait stations to inspect and replace any necessary bait stations and rodent bait to maintain your rodent coverage through the colder months.  We will also shift our focus to the interior of your home as well for treatment.

Is exterior treatment the same price vs both inside and outside?2022-01-05T11:52:16-07:00

Yes. The reason for this is that we offer full home warranties or protection for our customers who are on a maintenance program, and especially for those who are on a quarterly service program.  Why have to pay for a technician to come back and treat a troubled area on the inside if that should happen? When you are on one of our maintenance programs, and we are only able to treat the exterior of the home, most issues that should arise on the inside would be covered at no additional charge if we should need to return to your home.

Will my home still be treated if I’m out of town?2022-01-05T11:03:43-07:00

Yes, unless you specifically tell us not to treat your home when you’re out of town. If you are enrolled in one of our maintenance programs, your home will automatically be under warranty and for us to keep your warranty in effect, we will need to treat your home.  We cannot offer you a warranty if we have not been able to treat your home.  If you are gone on vacation or away during the winter months, it is important to keep your warranty in effect so that whenever you do come home or return for the season, you will still be covered under your warranty.  We also offer an outside service with an interior guarantee as well, so you will always be covered here at Mug-A-Bug.

Do I have to call the office to request service?2022-01-18T13:12:28-07:00

Again, all our customers will be grid on a specific day each month.  We also offer all our customers several different ways of being reminded and notified of their upcoming services.  We can now text, email, or call you based on the specific number of days prior to your scheduled service that you would like.  Whether that be a text message 3 days before, or an email as far as 30 days in advance, we can customize your service package 100% based on your preferences.  With our text and email programs, it is as easy as replying with either “yes” or “no”. If you reply with yes, our technicians know that your scheduled day is ok for service and they will call you the night before with a narrowed-down time window (between 9-10am or between 2-3pm).  If you reply no, we will automatically receive a notification that the regularly schedule day does not work for you and one of our admin staff will reach out to you to get you rescheduled at your earliest convenience.

I just signed up for one of your maintenance agreements, how will I know when it is time for my next scheduled appointment?2022-01-18T14:25:03-07:00

We take all that pressure away. Once you have signed up for one of our maintenance programs, our office will grid your home based on your service area and zip code.  This means that you will have a regularly scheduled service day based on the service frequency that you enrolled in.  For example, if you were a monthly customer and your service day was the 2nd Tuesday of each month, you could go out and mark your calendar for the 2nd Tuesday of each month and that is when you would expect to see us again.  The same goes for our quarterly customers, in that if they are on the schedule for the 3rd Wednesday, they would just mark the 3rd Wednesday based on their quarterly schedule (i.e.: 3rd Wednesday in February, May, August, and November).  The only time that your scheduled service would change would be if your normally scheduled service day were to fall on a holiday, or if your service area and zip code changed and you are assigned to a new technician.  With new accounts and customers being added daily, we analyze and optimize our technician’s routes on a quarterly basis to keep their schedules balanced, so your service day/schedule may change from time to time as we tighten up and re-zone our customers.

What if I do not want my whole house treated?2022-01-18T14:28:16-07:00

Not a problem at all. We ask that you let your technician know which areas you do not want to be treated before we start our treatment on the inside.  Normally, the customer will advise our technician that they do not want certain rooms (children’s room or master bedroom treated), and they will let the tech know that they have closed the doors to those rooms, so that our tech knows to just skip that room and go on to the next.

Spray entire house (walls, floors, & ceiling)?2022-01-18T14:31:40-07:00

We will focus on those areas where pest pressure is going to be at its highest, around your windows and door thresholds, garage areas, window wells, and around the exterior perimeter of your home.  Your home is our main area of concern and your biggest asset to protect. The best method of prevention is to have a solid exterior program in place as your first line of defense to keep them from entering inside your home.  Should you need treatment on the inside of the home, our technicians will treat along the baseboards, up in corners of ceilings, and ground level floors first and then work our way up if you would like treatment on the upper levels of the home.  Remember that most insects are crawling insects and will start from the ground and work their way up, so if you have the first line of defense along the perimeter you will stop most infestations head on before they enter your home.  If a basement exists, then that area will also be covered and treated as well.  Crawlspaces can be treated at an additional charge.

Anything I need to do to prepare for treatment?2022-01-18T12:55:49-07:00

Not really, however, there are times when we are treating a crawlspace or unfinished basement area where there are a lot of stored items or boxes, we would recommend that you center those items in the middle of the room if possible, to provide our technician with proper access to maneuver and treat around those items. Some services (roaches and bed bugs) do require preparation for treatment, and our admin staff or service technician would provide you with that information when scheduling, but your other normal pest control treatments do not require any preparation at all.

Do I have to be home to have my home treated?2022-01-18T14:36:03-07:00

Yes and no. This all depends on you as our customer.  Some customers prefer to just have the exterior of their home treated, while other customers prefer both the inside and the outside of their homes treated.  Obviously, to treat the interior of the home someone of legal age (18+) will need to be home to let us in to treat.  We also have several customers who are considered “key” accounts and they have given us permission to enter along with a garage code or hide-a-key and our technician will treat their homes when they are not home.  We leave this option completely up to you.  We are an insured and bonded company, and we want you to have trust in any of our field technicians.

How long will my appointment take?2022-01-18T14:44:25-07:00

This will vary based on the type of pest issue that you are experiencing. One-time applications for your general crawling insects (ants, crickets, spiders, etc.) we typically recommend blocking at least an hour of your time for our technician to come in, inspect, and treat your home.  With other pests such as roaches or bed bugs, we will normally recommend 90 minutes to 2 hours, but this would be depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the home or area that we will be treating.  Most maintenance services will average 30-40 minutes each service.

How fast can you respond when I call?2022-01-18T13:32:04-07:00

We pride ourselves on our quick response time. In some cases, we can offer same day services, but typically our normal response time is within 24-48 hrs.  Summer as you can imagine, is our busiest time of the year, so our response time may be within the next three (3) to four (4) days, but we do our absolute best to respond in a quick and efficient manner.  Our service technicians are grid and assigned to certain zip codes and areas, so at any given time, we will have a technician in or near your area.

Signed agreement or long-term contract?2022-01-18T14:55:29-07:00

No, we do not. We have service agreements that we request our customers to sign so that you will know exactly what type of program you opted to enroll in and what services would be included in your program.  We believe in transparency and no hidden fees. We are a performance-based company, so if you do not feel as though we are performing or meeting your expectations, you can cancel at any time, we just ask for a 30-day notice when cancelling.  However, there are NO early termination fees or penalties, and we do not make you buy out of your agreement.

What type of service packages do you offer?2018-08-26T02:26:01-06:00

We offer several different types of service packages so that our customers can choose the right program that fits their needs and schedules. Our customers can choose either a one-time application (on-demand), monthly services, bi-monthly services (every other month), or quarterly services (every three (3) months), and finally our seasonal program (April – October).  As you can see, we have a program for everyone.

How do I pay for my services?2018-08-26T02:25:33-06:00

In today’s society, where time and life only get faster and faster, we provide our customers with several different methods of payment. We are a paperless company, so all of your service tickets and invoices will be emailed directly to your preferred email address, or through the postal service if you prefer the old-fashioned way.  If you chose to receive your invoices via email, there will be a direct link to our website for our online bill pay.  Just follow the screen prompts and fill out the necessary fields and you are done.  We also take all major credit cards, check, money order, cash etc.  Some customers have enrolled in our auto-pay program in which they will put a credit card or ACH information on file in a secure and encrypted site, and our system will invoice and bill ONLY when a service has been completed.  We do not bill for any services that are NOT completed.  We also offer a 10% discount off the annual price of your service package if you chose to pre-pay for all services in advance.

Are you open on weekends?2018-08-26T02:24:54-06:00

We are a family-owned company and we truly believe in our employees having lives outside of their jobs.  We enjoy our down time and our weekends just as much as our customers!  Since we do not offer weekend services, we do offer early morning appointments to our customers.  Some of our technicians can start as early as 4:30am on some days, so we can easily accommodate your schedule to treat your home before you head off to work.