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10 Quick Tips for Preventing Rodents in Your Home

Rodents such as rats and mice being spotted in your home can not only be a surprise, it can invoke fear and even lead to the spread of disease. They are known to carry bacteria such as Salmonella on their bodies and contaminate food and other surfaces with their urine and fecal droppings. 

The common white-footed deer mouse is also known to transmit the Hanta Virus in some areas. Rodents can fit through any opening through which their head will pass through. For mice, this can be a gap the size of a dime in some cases.

Rodents are a common pest and are not only very resourceful; they are extremely agile and acrobatic. Rodents seek often seek shelter indoors, especially during the late fall, winter, and early spring when temperatures outside are cooler. You may notice during the cold winter months increasing mice activity. This is when we tend to see an uptrend in calls for mice exterminators in Colorado Springs.

Rodent Control Tips

Here are a few quick tips for preventing rodents in your home:

  1. Store firewood at least 20 feet from your home. These areas provide places for rodents to hide and establish nests.
  2. Replace loose or missing mortar and repair or replace damaged siding or flashing on the exterior of your home.
  3. Keep all trees trimmed at least 8 feet from the house and all bushes and shrubs away from the foundation. 
  4. Seal cracks and holes on the interior and exterior of the using caulking, steel wool, or a combination of both. Expandable foam can be easily chewed by rodents looking to gain entry. These gaps should include all utility and plumbing penetrations.
  5. Properly screen vents and cap chimneys.
  6. Install door sweeps on all exterior doors and repair any damaged window screens.
  7. Reduce/eliminate moisture within the home. This includes repairing leaking pipes and properly ventilating attics and crawlspaces. 
  8. Replace damaged weather stripping on the door and windows. 
  9. Inspect all items prior to bringing them into the home, especially items that have been in storage for a long period of time such as holiday decorations.
  10. Store all opened food products in airtight containers. 

In the event that you suspect that you may have rodent activity in your home, contact a licensed pest control professional for assistance. 

Here, at Mug-A-Bug Pest control, our service technicians specialize in pest control and specifically mice and rodent control. We are passionate about getting your home rodent-free and staying that way. Contact us today to schedule your pest control visit.