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Termite Inspection is Important When Buying Your New Home

Home is Where the Heart is – The Importance of a Termite Inspection When Purchasing Your New Home

Most commonly, when home buyers are initially considering what they want in a home they think of details such as location, number of rooms, garage, etc. When exploring the home itself buyers shift gears and begin looking at the cosmetic details of the home and considering what will need to be remodeled or changed in order to make the house truly their own. Paint, flooring, appliances, etc. are all potential costs that buyers consider when purchasing their home; however, the unforeseen costs associated with problems that are not as visible in the home can be devastating to a new homeowner.

Reports indicate that termites cause more than $5 billion in damage to properties each year, a majority of which are typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance policies. Termites are considered as “silent destroyers”; their destruction can go unnoticed for years as they consume wood on the interior of structures, flooring and even wallpaper. More often than not by the time an infestation is discovered, homeowners can be looking at thousands of dollars in treatment and repairs.

For this reason, home buyers should always have a wood destroying insect inspection completed on the home by a licensed pest control professional. Be aware that not every pest control company provides services for wood destroying insects, it is important to find a company that is licensed to provide the inspection and any recommended treatment. A formal report can then be submitted as part of the home buying process. During the inspection, the pest control professional will thoroughly inspect both the interior and exterior of the home for any evidence that wood destroying insects may be present within the structure. This is a great opportunity for potential home buyers to inquire about not only wood destroying insects, but other pest problems common to the area as well. In the event that an infestation is found, a bid detailing the cost of treatment and type of treatment recommended can be submitted with the formal report in order to determine what, if anything the seller is willing to do in order to resolve the issue at the home prior to purchase.