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Keep The Pests Away This Holiday Season

How to keep the Grinch away – Tips on how to keep your holiday traditions merry and bright

With the holiday seasons upon us, families are getting in the spirit. Strings of lights and garland are hung, presents are wrapped, and wreaths adorn doorways. Trees shine bright in windows filled with ornaments. All of these items are potential for pests like spiders, mice and even ticks to enter the home during the holiday season.

Christmas trees, wreaths and firewood are common carriers of pests. Ants, spiders, wasps, ticks and other pests hide in branches and crevices of the bark. Eggs that have been laid may hatch when brought into the warmer temperatures of a home due to the simulation of spring warming. Prevention is key in these situations. Thoroughly inspect using a flashlight all live trees, garlands and wreaths prior to bringing them inside. Be sure to look for insects, nests, eggs, webs, etc. Shake off the greenery outdoors prior to entering the home. When the holiday season is over do not discard these items alongside your home as they may attract mice and termites.

Stored decorations and other holiday items can be harborages for mice, spiders and other pests as well. These items are often kept in basements, attics and crawlspaces which promote pest activity as they are often undisturbed for prolonged periods of time. Whenever possible, unpack decorations outside so that they can be inspected for pest activity. This is the perfect time to check for any damage to the items that may have occurred during storage as well. Mice are known for gnawing on wires which may result in electrical fires. Carefully inspect all wiring prior to plugging items in to check function and lights.

Although the holiday season is often a busy time of year for most families, completing these tasks can save you the hassle of a pest infestation this year. In the event that you do encounter pests in your home, be sure to promptly contact a qualified pest control professional for assistance.