Feral Cats


**Feral cats are not considered under the title of pest control.  Some wildlife management companies provide services for the trapping and removal of feral cats.  Local laws and services provided by animal law enforcement vary based upon the location.  We recommend you contact your local office for additional information. ** Feral cat hiding in [...]

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Sample Collection and Submission for Identification of Insects


Cast Skin of Larva - Under microscope magnification We often receive requests from customers to identify insects that are found within their homes.  Homeowners often want to know if the insects are of concern due to their activity level (population), damage, encountering biting insects or simply out of curiosity.  Although some of the [...]

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is a pest control practice in which two or more methods are utilized in order to achieve the desired control of a target pest or pests.  In general, IPM provides effective control of the target pest(s) through monitoring of pest levels in which a threshold level has been established in [...]

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Avoiding Pesticide Emergencies


Pesticide emergencies are typically uncommon when dealing with a licensed pest control applicator; however, it is important to know how to handle an emergency should one arise. Licensed pest control applicators are regulated by local, state and/or federal agencies in order to increase safety and minimize the likelihood of encountering incidence in which pesticide emergencies [...]

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One Time Application vs Pest Control Maintenance – How do you know which to choose?


Clients frequently ask how they know what pest control service they need since Mug-A-Bug, Inc. offers both one time applications as well as maintenance agreements.  The most honest answer is that ever situation is different; however, there are many aspects that can be considered in order to find the best resolution for each client.   [...]

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Entomophagy – Bugs are food! Yum!


Defined as the human consumption of insects and arachnids as food, entomophagy is nothing new in many cultures and societies around the world.  In The United States and several other countries however, most consider it unusual, weird and for the most part a bit disgusting.  In recent years though, restaurants serving insect and/or arachnid based [...]

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Although leafhoppers typically go unnoticed, walking through infested areas of turf grass often brings attention to these tiny insects.  Measuring only about 1/16th of an inch, leafhopper adults are winged and capable of flying short distances when disturbed.  Immature leafhoppers are wingless; they are however capable of jumping short distances when needed, hints the name [...]


Ant Lions


Here in Colorado, approximately 50 species of ant lions are present. In the southern portion of the United States these insects are more commonly known as doodle bugs.    Adults are commonly confused with damselflies; however, their knobbed or clubbed antennae are a feature that upon close examination can easily differentiate the two.  During the day, [...]

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Lilac/Ash Borer


A common wood borer found on ash trees throughout Colorado, the lilac/ash borer is native to North America.  Aside from ash trees, damage less commonly occurs to lilac and privet.  Damage most commonly occurs in trees that have been recently transplanted or are grown in less than ideal conditions including those experiencing drought like conditions.  [...]

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Pigeon Tremex Horntail


Frequently mistaken for a giant wasp, pigeon tremex horntails are actually a non-stinging insect that begins life as a wood borer of several species of trees including silver maple, ash and elm.  They have also been known to attack conifer trees in forested areas.  Pigeon tremex horntails are not commonly considered as a pest that [...]

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