Roach Treatment After-Care

Your treatment has been completed…what happens next?

  2. Avoid the treated area(s) for one hour. Clean or wipe down any surfaces or utensils that may have been left out during the treatment with a simple soap and water solution.
  3. DO NOT SPRAY or FOG. Roaches may be more active after our treatments due to the products that we use may act as a “flushing” agent and any over-the-counter products used will most likely affect the treatment results.  You can vacuum roaches up or just use a tissue to grab and then flush them.
  4. Keep sink areas clean and as dry as possible. As roaches react to the treatment, they will need more water.  If water is not readily available, this will speed up the baiting process and eradication.  They will also feed on the bait more actively if there are no other competing food sources such as dirty dishes, food debris, or grease in the sink or left out on the counters.
  5. Expect to see more roaches for two weeks. As roaches are affected by the treatment they will start to come out during the daytime hours.
  6. After the initial two weeks, keep careful track of where you are still seeing activity. This will help our technicians for your follow-up visits and we will be able to spend more time on concentrated areas or “hot spots”.
  7. Keep all your recommended and schedule appointments at the time frames and intervals that our technicians have recommended. Roaches are not an overnight kill or success, and it will take time to completely eradicate.
  8. After you have been cleared or complete eradication has been achieved, talk to your technician about setting up a maintenance service to ensure that you are roach free always!

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How long after the treatment should it take for roaches to die off completely? 

It depends on the size, level of infestation, and the type of species.  Many over-the-counter products often prove to be ineffective against roach infestations.  Roaches are extremely adaptable and may even be resistant to some home extermination methods.  One strategy that we like to employ is to work closely with our customers and help them eliminate conducive conditions that roaches would find favorable to include some of the following: remove/store pet food dishes when not in use; drains, dishwashers, sinks, and trashcans should be maintained and cleaned on a regular/daily basis; determine the source or point of entry for the roaches.

Some roaches, like the German cockroach, are primarily carried into the home by other means, whether it be used furniture or appliances, or electronics purchased at a pawn shop or online from another residential customer who may have a current roach infestation.  It is important to carefully inspect any/all products that are being purchased from an individual.

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