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When Termites Take Over Your Colorado Springs Home

Advanced Termite Treatment

Mug-A-Bug’s advanced termite control treatment will take one day, or less, with very little disruption to your daily routine. Methods for removing termites vary with each Colorado Springs home, depending on the type of slab foundation, basement, construction materials, and the number and type of porches or patios. Our technicians will investigate your individual situation to find the best termite treatment for your home. By digging narrow trenches along exterior foundation walls and sub-slab drilling through the slab surfaces and treating voids, our materials will be applied where they will eliminate termites within your Colorado Springs home and any prevent re-entry from termite colonies.

For the best termite treatment areas must be cleared of furniture and stored items. We measure out 6 -8 inches from the wall. Then we will drill the slab surface every 12 inches around the outer wall in the basement. This treatment will also include the common wall in the garage as well.  If carpet is present, we will roll back the carpet and padding approximately 12 inches to gain proper access for drilling.  After drilling is complete, we will then vacuum/sweep away all dust/drilling debris.

Then your product of choice (Premise 75WP or Termidor) is carefully applied to each drill hole, below the slab. When getting rid of termites in Colorado Springs, our team uses products that are a non-repellent termiticide that create a treated zone/barrier between your home and the termites. Our non-repellent products will not be detected by termites, so they do not know to avoid the treated areas, making this the best option for termite treatment. Foraging termites are the first to confront these non-repellent products, which are then transferred to the rest of the colony — effectively eliminating the colony’s remaining population, to include the queens.

Finally, following our eradication of termites in your Colorado Springs home, all the drill holes are plugged and patched with a rubber plug, and are filled with cement, so the area is given a smooth finish and restored back to its original state.  If carpet was rolled back, both padding and carpet will be re-installed to proper fit, and to the best of our ability.

Mug-A-Bug offers the best termite treatment with a warranty for one year from the date of treatment, allowing for re-treatment at no additional cost if further infestation is found. During your renewal period (January – April), you may join Mug-A-Bug’s many satisfied customers with our extended renewal warranty program, consisting of annual re-inspection, and warranty extension for one year.

Also, if termites should rediscover your Colorado Springs home, your warranty is also transferable to any new homeowner should your home be sold during the warranty period.

Have peace of mind and extend your warranty on an annual basis, so if any re-infestations should occur, you will have full protection at no additional cost to you.