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Carpenter Ant species camponotus vagus

Our Mug-A-Bug technicians will treat ant infestation in most Colorado Springs homes with a combination of methods and products.  Primarily we choose to bait rather than spray for ants.  The reason for this is that sprays are meant to kill the ants you see, and they will act as a deterrent rather than effective ant removal.  Most over-the-counter products have no residual, lasting effect.  If the ants can enter your home, they will simply find a way around the spray.  Plus, their colony will still be intact, producing more and more ants and potentially leading to an ant infestation in your Colorado Springs home.  Additionally, some colonies are nearly impossible to reach without special equipment.  If a colony or nest is located within your walls, a simple spray that anyone can buy will not be sufficient as an ant removal option to properly treat the colony.  Similarly, outdoor colonies can extend far below the surface, which is where most over-the-counter treatments stop working.

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This is exactly where Mug-A-Bug steps in!  The advantage in using baits is that foraging ants take the insecticide bait back to the nest and feed it to the queen or queens and other colony members.  As a result, the entire colony is often destroyed.  To address the ant infestation our Colorado Springs team will have treated your home with combination of methods.  The worker (foraging) ants need to interact with the ant removal treatment and take it back to the colony.  This process, called the transfer effect, works great but it does take a little time.

Our Mug-A-Bug team will place baits (granulated or gel) next to wherever ants are seen, beside ant “trails” (invisible ant trails which worker ants follow between food and the nest).  DO NOT SPRAY other insecticides or cleaning agents around the areas that we have treated as this will deter ants from feeing the bait or our products. Ants find their way by leaving a pheromone/scent trail to food supplies for other ants to follow and find their way. Any over the counter ant removal products will contaminate our products, or if you wipe up active ant trails, it will kill the ants before they make it back to the colony or you will interfere with their pheromone trails.  Initially, you should see an increase in the number of ants around the bait – DO NOT SPRAY THEM!!!  This indicates that the ants are feeding on the bait and transporting the insecticide back to the nest. Watch the ants transfer the bait to their colony!

Ant activity often will subside in a matter of 14-21 days as the number of ants in the colony declines.  If you see just a few lingering ants – a large colony may have had some workers in reserve – give the treatment another week before calling our office for a follow-up treatment.  We must allow the ant removal products at least 14 days from the day of the initial treatment before we schedule a follow-up treatment to allow time for the baits to take full effect and start to provide the ant control.  When addressing an ant infestation our Colorado Springs Mug-A-Bug team suggests that you remain patient and remember that ant treatments are not an instant and overnight kill.

Why do some ant colonies survive after ant removal treatment?

The one sole ant in charge of populating the entire nest/colony is the queen(s). If she/they are alive, they can continue to produce more and more ants.  The more she makes, the more they need to eat.  Complicating the matter even further is that the queen ant will never leave the nest after she has established her colony, so there is no chance that you will get to her when you kill those ants that are just on the counter or surface with an over-the-counter product.  The queen(s) will continue to create worker ants to feed the colony.  The worker ants are the ones that you see in your house or foraging outside on the sidewalks.  Which is why most ant removal treatments will require some sort of ongoing maintenance to provide maximum control. With an ant infestation our Colorado Springs pest control team will find the right approach to get rid of your unwelcome guests.

While it is nice to imagine a world without pests, the truth is that there are more ants than there are of us.  The fight against ants is ongoing.  Some of the problems with any ant removal rest within the ant’s capabilities.  For example, we previously mentioned “scent/pheromone trail” may not necessarily just run between the colonies and food sources, it may lead ants to other satellite colonies, providing them with sanctuary from a nest that has been treated. Ants can always come back.  It is just a matter of how difficult we make it for them to enter your home and how prepared we are for when they do try to come back.  When you notice an ant infestation, our Colorado Springs technicians at Mug-A-Bug will be able to go over all options and maintenance plan information with you to turn your ant problem into an ant removal solution.

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