Jane L.


We absolutely love Dave! He was excellent and we would like to have him as our technician each and every time.

Patricia B.


Danny was a very nice young man.  He had a lot of knowledge about my unwanted house guest. I was very happy and very pleased with your services.

Wanda C.


Daniel is very nice, sweet and thorough to a fault.  He was very patient and answered all of my questions and I have a lot of questions.

Patricia S.


EJ did a wonderful job.  He is such a nice young man…he even gave me a hug!

Richard G.


Your technician Daniel was very professional and knowledgeable.  I really appreciate his service and great attitude.

Ruth M.


EJ was very professional, courteous and polite.  Extremely thorough and very friendly.

Wade A.


EJ is a very sincere and fine employee.  Your company is blessed to have him.

Chuck B.


Brandon was extremely professional; he is very mature for his age.  I was worried after the last technician left, but I love him!  No longer worried about having a different technician at my home.

 Jennifer A.


WOW! Now that is what I call customer service.  I called your office today and spoke with Melinda and she was great.  She answered all of my questions and was able to schedule my service right away.  I will gladly recommend Mug-A-Bug to all my friends that own homes in the Pueblo area.

Jamie M.


Daniel was excellent.  He really took his time to explain everything to me thoroughly and he did more than any other company has ever done.  I would call your company again before any other bug company just based on his service today alone.

 Dorothy L.


Daniel was so very thorough.  He was also nice and extremely pleasant.

Mark M.


Charles is a really nice, common sense kind of guy.  He is someone that you can really to with and talk to.  Nothing was forced; and we were able to talk about the options and discussed a plan of attack for the future.  Just a really nice guy.

Deep Water Restoration – Michelle


Customer since 2013

I don’t know if there are words to properly describe Daniel.  He is just a great and really awesome guy.  If there were more like him we would all be better off.  Especially with him being so young, it is nice to see!

Russell R.


One Time App. – Mice

Daniel is a great guy, very nice and very thorough.  He provided me with a very positive customer service experience.

Rhonda R.


Customer since 2014

Daniel is so nice and well mannered.  What a polite young man!

Dierdre G.


One Time App. – Black Widows

You have a wonderful employee in Luis.  He was so very nice and personable and did a very thorough job in my home.  Thank you!

Deep Water Restoration


Customer since 2013

We cannot say enough wonderful things about the EXCEPTIONAL customer service by Daniel.  He is so great!  Thank you.

Bob S.


Customer since 2009

It is always a pleasure having Luis service our home!  I highly recommend him.  He is courteous and assures all pest issues are addressed and taken care of.  Thank you!

Brittanney M.


Bed Bug Service

Steve was just wonderful!  He was so professional and polite.  He was so helpful and was able to take care of my problem.

Carla T.


Customer since 2007

Hello!  I wanted to thank the staff at Mug-A-Bug Pest Control for your outstanding customer service!  We appreciate Martin coming out in a days notice to address our pest control needs.  Martin was friendly and very professional.  We have been customers with Mug-A-Bug for many years and will always recommend you to our friends.  Thank you!

Karl H.


Bed Bug Treatment

David was excellent and very considerate.  He was able to locate the source of the infestation.  I was quite pleased with the service that was provided.




I really enjoyed working with Martin.  He was very thorough and has a great work ethic!

Renee K.


Insect Sample Identification

I just want to compliment your representative Melinda on the excellent service she gave me. I was having difficulty at home identifying a couple of  insects and things I thought might be bedbugs. I took in a few samples and she looked at them all under the microscope, easily recognizing most as lint:) , and the others as harmless, non-biting insects.  She also explained to me in detail the conditions and behaviors of bed bugs, mites, fleas and other things that can bite  so that I can check for signs of them.  She was very thorough.  She also kept a sample of a flying insect for your entomologist to look at and called me yesterday to let me know that it isn’t anything to worry about.

As an aside,  I had gotten a rash and since I’d been traveling thought I might have brought something home.  The more I thought about it, the more I itched, and the more I itched, the more I thought about it.  Needless to say, after visiting your company office and finding out that none of my samples were the cause, I have stopped itching:).

Anyway, please accept this commendation on Melinda’s professionalism, expertise, and excellent customer service and note it in her personnel file.  You are lucky to have her working for you.

Renee K.

Mr. and Mrs. Payne


Bed Bug Customer

With having simply spoken to Luis on the phone, he has already been so helpful, polite and friendly.  We already know that we want him as our technician to service our home.  He offered us tips to help us out with our situation ans was so helpful to us already.

Patti O. 


Customer since 2013

We have an account with your company, and I just want to say thank you to Daniel to who comes to our office to do pest control.  It is not very often that you meet and have the pleasure to do business with someone who is so polite, informative, helpful and just plain #1 with his customer service skills, and his personality is awesome! Myself and the office staff want to extend our appreciation and thanks to someone who truly values his job, and other people.  It is so nice to see! Thank you Daniel!

Doug K.

5-21-14 – Spiders/Mice

Daniel is a super young man. He is great to work with and you are lucky to have him as an employee.  It says a lot for your hiring practices due to the amount of responsibility that your technician’s have.

Reece E.

5-19-14 – Bed Bug Treatment

David is an excellent service technician.  He has great customer service skills and was very knowledgeable and all levels.

Kari T.

5-6-14 – Spider Treatment

Martin was a wonderful person to work with.  He is very thoughtful and polite.  What a wonderful employee you have working for you.

Ron M.

1-15-14 – Bed Bug Treatment

They have been treating my daughter’s home for bed bugs.  We have had two technicians (Steve and Charles) who have been to her home to treat.  Both of them have been exceptional.  They were professional and courteous, and when dealing with a difficult situation, such as bed bugs, it is always a pleasure to have true professionals in your home.

Sylvia D.

11-18-13 – Pest Control Treatment

They came out and treated our home for pest control.  They worked with us very well.  They scheduled our appointment so that it was convenient for our realtors.  We set-up a plan for them to come out every 3 months for our treatment.  We were very happy, as they were very thorough.  When they say they are going to call you back, they really do! Highly recommend

Lena M.

8-28-13 – Termite Treatment

They came out and checked the entire house for signs of termites and gave an estimate of the work to be done all the while explaining all the work required and why.  They scheduled the next two visits.  They showed up on time and did the first half of services and let us know what was required for the next scheduled service.  The owner was the actual inspector who came out.  He was very knowledgeable about the problem, the ways to fix it, and what the long term expectations were.  He was willing to talk it through and walk us through each step!

Patricia F.

7-20-13 – Ant Treatment

Jake came and treated everywhere to take care of our problem.  We had an issue with carpenter ants in our garage, and they came back when needed at no charge to take care of the few remaining stragglers. I would hire again in the future if any other issues come up.

Mark B

6-14-13 – Bi-Monthly Pest Control

Luis is extremely thorough.  He is kind and honestly one of the nicest servicemen to ever come to my house.  It was a pleasure having someone so knowledgeable and yet so kind in our home.

Carol E.

6-12-13 – Monthly Pest Control

I wanted to let you know that you have a great employee (Luis) that has sprayed our home.  He is very polite and nice.  Thank you again for taking care of my home.  I will be sure to give a good recommendation to everyone I know.

Red N.

12-14-12 & 5-7-13 – Termite Job

A BIG thank you to Charles for his work on the termites.  We have a bathroom that has tile floors and Charles managed to drill the tile grout area in a way that allowed for the treatment to be completed and he didn’t crack or break a single tile.  You can tell that Charles is constantly thinking about the best way and the right way to finish the job…great customer service!

Jane D.

5/7/13 – Bed Bugs

Luis is absolutely wonderful!  He was so incredibly helpful and was a true treasure to be around.  We had him treat our home for bed bugs and he explained everything to us and what to expect over the next few days.  He is going on vacation later this month, and we actually re-arranged OUR schedule so that we would work around Luis’ vacation and make sure that he was our technician again. I cannot recommend Luis enough to anyone…He is the BEST!

Jill T.


Daniel is such a wonderful guy.  He showed so much care and concern for my pets and my home.  He was very informative in letting me know that there will still be some ant activity for a few days.  Daniel was very personable, professional, and is a wonderful representative for your company.

Carol M.

4/9/13 – Customer since 2009

All of your technicians have always been good, but Luis is so very nice, easy going, and very professional.  I would recommend him to anyone!

Ellyn S.

4/8/13 – Customer since 2008

Daniel is my regular service technician and he is excellent.  He remembered a problem area from last summer for spiders and he made sure to do a thorough treatment in that same area to stop any problems from happening again.  He has GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Martha F.

4/4/13 – Date of Service

We had Cody come out and treat our home for ants.  He did a great job!  My husband was very pleased with his professionalism and thought that Cody did an excellent job.

Joe S.

12/30/12 – Customer since September 2012

We have been very pleased with the Mug-A-Bug Pest Control services that we have been receiving. We have been getting consistent phone calls prior to service, you have been flexible to always work within our schedules, and the customer service on every call has been excellent. Daniel was that last person out here and can’t say enough how helpful and pleasant each person has been. I think too many times people forget to acknowledge good service and I just want to make sure I pass along how appreciative we are with your business.

Debra W.

10/9/12 – Date of Service

Mug-A-Bug came out and sprayed all areas of home.  Very professional and friendly.  Would recommend the company off of one visit.  Very professional throughout.  Was able to come out right away and spray all areas of the home.

Richard S.

7/20/12 – Customer since May 2012

We have signed up for their quarterly service plan at $80.00 a visit.  As usual, Daniel was punctual and professional.  We did not get charged for this service because of their customer service guarantee.  We had a spider problem pop-up between services, so they came out and re-sprayed.  It was a pleasant surprise to not be charged!

Hardy W.

3/21/12 – Date of Service

I use Mug-A-Bug Pest Control Inc for pest control.  Last year I had bugs in my fence and they came down and sprayed all over.  Two days later they came and sprayed again.  I saw the bugs coming out and they came right out and sprayed the second treatment and I didn’t see any bugs around since then.  There was a lot of construction going on around here and we kept getting mice in our basement and they came out and treated for the mice and we have had mice for a while.  They were very reasonable.

John I.

11/16/11 – Termite Job

Mug-A-Bug Pest Control, Inc is the company I use for termite treatments.  I chose them because they came out and gave me their price and explained to me what they had to do. They were very responsive.  They were very professional and I would use them again in the future.

Kathryn H.


I used MUG-A-BUG PEST CONTROL INC to spray for bugs in one of my rentals.  I love them.  They did exactly what they said they would do.  They treated the problem quickly.

Matt N.

6/6/11 -Termite Job

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the service I got from you guys. Charles and James recently treated my house for termites and they did a fantastic job. They are true professionals- they arrived on time and were very helpful. They both are extremely knowledgeable and answered every question we had. I had gotten 2 other quotes from Terminix and Orkin, but in the end Charles made the best impression on me. He was far more thorough than the other guys, and took more time to explain things. He was not pushy at all and seemed more interested in getting the job done right as he pointed out more spots to be treated than the other guys did. I was also very surprised to see a local company be so competitive when it came to cost. Mug a Bug’s prices were almost identical to the big national companies! Very happy I chose Mug a Bug and will definitely recommend you. Thank you Charles and James for everything!


Gaynell H.

5/20/11 – Customer since 2003

 We have had our service technician Luis for over the past year now, and I could not say enough good things about him.  He is always courteous, polite, and goes above and beyond each service.  I never had to worry or think about Luis coming into my home. He is an all-around amazing guy.  We are moving out of state and I will miss Luis and the Mug-A-Bug team.  We will definitely call them again if we re-locate back to the area.




I just called to ask about getting rid of a hornet problem and the wonderful woman I spoke with was full of fantastic information! I am so impressed with this company! Honesty and integrity abound right here at Mug a Bug!

Christy J.


We moved into a house with a serious spider problem. This was the only company I called that didn’t pressure me for a year long contract. They came out, sprayed for spiders, and promised that the spiders would lessen and then disappear over the course of 45 – 60 days. It’s now about 45 days out and I haven’t seen a spider in weeks. They were professional and very reasonably priced.

Chad & Maureen


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mug-A-Bug for the utmost professional service my family and I received.  When we found out that we had an infestation of bed bugs, we were completely scared.  We called several places to “price shop” and found that Mug-A-Bug was the most competitive.  Charles (our tech.) made our most stressful and confusing time an easier thing to deal with.  He was very compassionate to our needs and answered all of our questions, not to mention, took care of the problem.  Looking back to when we were price shopping and asking what services were going to be provided, we made the right decision to choose Mug-A-Bug.  The other companies we called were only going to provide a two time service for a price that was well above Mug-A-Bug.  Charles was very happy to be honest with us about how the process was going to go and made sure we were ok with the progress.  With the persistence of Mug-A-Bug, Charles, and our own determination, we were able to get rid of the bed bugs reasonably quick.  For all Mug-A-Bug has done for our family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This is a true statement in its entirety.  Charles is a blessing to our family and is a VERY big asset for Mug-A-Bug.  He is one of the most customer friendly people we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  Please pass on our most sincere thanks to him.

PS  I recommend Mug-A-Bug every chance I get.

Dawn S.

7/27/2010 -Termite Treatment

They responded quickly to give me an estimate. They came out and the technician explained everything before he gave me the quote. The technician was extremely knowledgeable about all the services they offered as well as all of the chemicals used. He explained each chemical, how they worked, what company made them and which ones matched my specific needs and why. Their cost was a little higher than other estimates I received but they were way more knowledgeable which is why I chose to go with this company. I feel the extra couple hundred was extremely worth knowing the ins and out of what they were doing. They also had to drill holes in the cement to treat underneath and they filled the cement holes and cleaned everything when they were done. They left things cleaner than when they got there!They were awesome and I will continue to use them in the future. Very professional company!

Margo M.


I thought that I had bed bugs and did not but the technician spent alot of time educating me about the situation.  Did not charge me for the evaluation, but instead did a regular pest control treatment.  When I called and scheduled the appointment, I was given a detailed list of instructions to follow to prepare for the bedbug treatment.  The technician came and evaluated my situation, he was prompt, courteous and did not try to sell me anything that I did not want.

Jane B.


We have had a quarterly contract with Mug A Bug since the early 90’s.  They have helped us get rid of pigeons, control ants inside and out, as well as other household pests.  We have always had a very professional and pleasant experience with Mug A Bug.  The technicians are quite knowledgeable.  They respond quickly to resolve issues between regularly scheduled visits.  For us, these usually involve controlling ant activity.



I recently had noticed I had a “small insect” problem and right away got in touch with Mug a Bug. Frank, was a wonderful person and definitely knew what he was talking about, he ensured me the problem would be resolved and so far so good. I’m a mother of three and my problem came as a huge shock to me and I was utterly disgusted. Thanks to Frank for re-assuring me!!

Mary P.


We thought we had bed bugs with little ones at home having some bites.  They sent someone to look for them.  They sent a very nice man out to try and find bed bugs and he said we did not have any and he did not notice anything.  He left us some traps to place down in certain areas.  They did not charge us for this visit.  He was honest and kind and I appreciated the honesty.


Dennis P.


Last time I dealt with Mug-A-Bug, they came and fumigated a crawlspace for a spider problem.  Mug-A-Bug was very responsive and called back right away.  I thought they were reasonably priced.  They offered quality work. They did what they said they were going to do.

Gwen S.

Customer Since 2006

Mug-A-Bug is definitely a company you can depend on!  I have been receiving incredible customer service since 2006.  All of their technicians are top-notch and they have a great office staff who is always friendly each and every time I call.

Jeremy & Hannah J.

Termite Customer since 2007  

Mug-A-Bug has been an excellent company to work with. They have treated both our rental property and our own home for many years and we have not seen a termite since! We have been fortunate to have Charles as our technician for each visit, and we feel as if we know him as a friend whenever he comes for the annual inspection. When I call the office, I get to speak with a live person every time. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Robert M.

Customer since 1984

We have been a customer of Mug-A-Bug for over 26 years now.  They have treated us as if we were family through all these years.  We started out with them when it was only James, the owner, working by himself.  They have always been consistent with scheduling our monthly treatments and are always on time with each appointment.  Currently, our technician is Louie and he is very thorough with each visit checking and servicing all of our mice bait stations and now – NO MORE MICE. Mug-A-Bug is a GREAT COMPANY with GREAT SERVICE and GREAT EMPLOYEES!