Of the many types of ants that can be found in Colorado, the carpenter ant is the largest and most destructive that a homeowner can find living in their home. Although they do not eat wood like a termite would, carpenter ants will build their colonies inside a home’s wooden features and will cause severe damage to the structural integrity. They are attracted to food and will rush to find anything sweet and sugary that they can reach. Some colonies can live in your home for up to 25 years and will continue to multiply whether you know they are there or not.  Over time, they can hollow out walls and floorboards resulting in a dangerous home to live in. If caught early, professional carpenter ant removal is effective and affordable. Our ant removal process is a very intensive service, that can include a perimeter treatment to your home’s exterior, along with an interior treatment to control any current ant problems. Once we have sprayed to help eliminate the problem, our technicians can strategically place glue boards to catch any ants before they enter your business or home.

If a homeowner waits too long it can cost thousands in repairs and still require assistance for complete carpenter ant removal so the same problem doesn’t happen again. In extreme cases, drilling into the homes walls and foundation may be necessary. Look for small piles of wood shavings that seemed to have appeared overnight and in some cases, listen carefully to hear them inside your walls. Imagine lying awake at night listening to the scratchy sound of your home being torn apart.

This doesn’t sound like a good scenario, does it?  We don’t want that to happen to your home or business either.  If you are concerned you might have an ant problem or want to be proactive and make sure, call Mug-A-Bug Pest Control or fill out a form online. One of our skilled and certified technicians will help you diagnose a problem if there is one and speak with you about the best solution for your carpenter ant removal in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

With over 30 years of experience, locally owned and operated, Mug-A-Bug will treat your home with respect and care no matter the size of the job. All technicians are certified and use only federally approved products to ensure your family’s safety. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We offer residential and commercial pest removal in a number of different programs and we service all of Colorado Springs as well as the Pueblo area. Let Mug-A-Bug help remove any unwanted pests and take back your home today!


Carpenter Ant Removal