Here at Mug-A-Bug we recognize the importance of protecting your home against termite damage and infestation.  Each year Florida utilizes the month of February to educate residents about termite infestations and we would like to do the same.  Over the next few weeks we will be providing information on the subterranean termites that infest structures in Colorado, signs of an infestation, treatment, prevention and the differences between termite activity and ant activity in order to provide our customers with a solid base of information on how to best protect their home investment.  We will also be discussing a couple of the other wood destroying insects that are encountered here is Colorado.

Few residents realize that one important aspect of protecting your home actually occurs prior to purchasing it.  We often see customers who, not knowing that termites are active in Colorado, purchase a home that is already infested.  Hiring a termite professional to perform a wood destroying insect inspection can be a great indicator of problems that are currently present in the home.  A wood destroying insect inspection is a thorough visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the home to identify evidence of an active infestation as well as conditions in and around the home that promote termite activity and advise you on any treatment options if necessary.  Termite professionals can also be a beneficial resource in determining the termite risk for your home based on the known activity within a given area.  A standard pest inspection may not provide information on termites and other wood destroying insects.  We encourage potential buyers to research the company they intend to hire in order to ensure that they will provide an inspection for termites as well as general household pests.