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Preventative Measures for Termites

Protecting your home against the potential for termite infestation is a process that can begin during the construction of your home.  Soil treatments with termiticides are available for homes during the construction process.  These treatments create a chemical barrier at the point of contact between the structure and the ground, the level at which termite infestations begin.  Unless you are in the process of building your home however, a pre-construction treatment is not an option.  Many of our customers are curious as to what else they can do to help discourage termite activity around their home.  Completing a post-construction treatment of the home can be completed regardless of the home having a current termite infestation and may be recommended to customers living in termite “hot zones”, where activity is frequently encountered.  Although this measure is likely one of the more costly prevention methods, it is also likely to be the most effective.  (Information detailing termite treatment is also available on our site.)

For clients that are simply looking to discourage potential termites there are several things that can be done to assist with termite prevention:

  1. Remove all wood to ground contact around the perimeter of your home. Place decks, sheds and patios on concrete footers, ensure that soil is at least 6-8 inches below siding or wood materials on the home and keep landscaping wood (mulch and or railroad ties) a minimum of 12 inches from the home.
  2. High humidity and ground moisture encourage termite infestations. De-humidifying crawlspace areas and ensuring proper ventilation of enclosed areas is extremely important.
  3. Check for proper drainage of water away from the foundation of the home. Drain systems can alleviate pooling water around the foundation.
  4. Firewood should be kept away from the foundation of the home and should be elevated off the ground approximately 5 inches when possible.
  5. Wood should not be stored directly on the ground at the property. Scrap wood should be properly disposed of and wood to be used should be stacked off the ground.
  6. Seal potential entry points. Termites need only 1/32 of an inch gap in which to penetrate your home. Sealing gaps along the foundation including around plumbing, gas and electrical penetrations.
  7. Remove dead/decaying tree stumps on the property surrounding the home.
  8. Cinder blocks, bricks and any other open types of masonry should be filled with concrete or a metal shield installed to prevent termites from building shelter tubes in order to gain access to above ground food sources.