Rodent Removal

What to expect when we bait for rodents

To start the rodent removal process, our Colorado Springs pest control technician will begin with a thorough inspection to determine how the rodents may be gaining access into your home.

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Once that is determined, Mug-A-Bug will seal off any minor avenues with a silicone-based caulk or we may even use some steel wool.  Any major points of entry or avenues such as: weather stripping that is missing or construction deficiencies, our technicians will point those out to you and make recommendations to have them corrected or addressed.  The denial of access to your home is the first and most important step in helping to achieve rodent removal.

Our Colorado Springs pest control technicians will place a rodenticide bait inside your home.  This bait will be placed inside a tamper resistant, labeled, black bait station, and we will make every effort to place these bait stations in areas where children and pets cannot readily access them.  Bait stations are not a trap and will not catch or keep the rodents inside, they are essentially a feeding station where the mice can go in, feed on the bait, and then exit.  Rodenticides are the best method of control for rodents as they will continue to work for you 24-7 if there is bait inside for the rodents to feed on.  Once the bait has been consumed, the bait station is no longer working for you.  For this very reason, Mug-A-Bug will commonly recommend monthly follow-up visits for the first few months after we have placed the bait stations to ensure that you always have bait inside your bait stations.


After the rodent removal has been achieved, we typically recommend a maintenance program every other month so that we can provide you with year-round coverage and protection against rodents.

In most cases, 12-18 rodent stations would be placed in and around your home to provide the proper control.  Mug-A-Bug is a firm believer in an exterior perimeter baiting program, as the exterior of your home is the first line of defense before any rodents enter your home.  Most rodents will feed within a 25-ft. radius, so we will place weighted exterior bait stations within that range all around the exterior of your Colorado Springs home for pest control that is comprehensive and efficient.

It typically takes three-five (3-5) days for the rodent removal bait to take effect, and you may notice that the color of the rodent droppings (feces) will have a greenish or reddish tint after the rodent eats the bait, this shows that the bait is working.  We recommend you clean up any rodent droppings you see during the first 14 days after our treatment.  This way, you will still be able to monitor and see if mice are still active.  Activity may continue 14-30 days after the first treatment, and should you continue to have issues after 30 days, please contact our office and schedule one of the monthly follow-up treatments that would have already been recommended by our Colorado Springs pest control technician during your initial treatment.

If you have pets in the backyard, we would not place out any rodent bait stations in those areas to further help prevent any accidental pet exposure.  Should you choose to have us still install bait stations in these areas, our service technician will require you to sign a rodenticide waiver for our office to keep on file.

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Rodents are a nuisance and very persistent when invading your home, but our team has the experience necessary for premier Colorado Springs pest control.  Have confidence that Mug-A-Bug will provide you with absolute rodent removal and a rat and mice free home.  Call us today for quick results!