Roach Removal

What to expect with your treatment

When you compare spray and aerosol insecticides for roach baits and gels, the difference between the two is one offers short-lived satisfaction and the other long-term control.  If your real goal is complete roach removal, you must target its source: the nest or colony.

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Application/Treatment:  Unlike spray insecticides, roach baits are attractants.  That is, they are designed to lure roaches with a tempting formulation that, to roaches, appears to be an irresistible food source.  However, contained in the bait is a deadly mixture that once ingested, can eliminate roaches at the source.  With today’s technology roach baits are extremely effective and can provide a quicker knock-down and better control faster, usually within 10-14 days.  At Mug-A-Bug, for cockroach exterminator services, our primary method of control is using baits.

The interval between ingestion and death gives roaches the time necessary to carry the bait back to the main colony where it is spread among the rest of the roaches and the queens, as well.  As the bait spreads throughout the colony, a domino effect begins to occur resulting in destruction of the entire colony.  It is this mode of action “transfer effect” that allows the bait to target roach infestations and has been proven to be very effective in long-term roach removal and pest control.

While spray and aerosol (fogger) insecticides, common among other cockroach exterminator methods, are repellants, they are designed to kill on contact.  While they do provide a short-lived “kill” or knockdown, they do nothing to solve the larger issue of a roach infestation that you cannot see.  In other words, if the nest or colony remains untouched, your roach infestation will continue to grow requiring even more extensive roach removal methods.

The cockroach exterminator team at Mug-A-Bug will place roach baits in multiple locations simultaneously so that we can accelerate the overall roach removal process.  Roach gels are unique formulas consisting of food, water, and insecticide that is especially well-suited for hard to reach areas, such as behind refrigerators, or for use in cracks and crevices where we suspect roaches may be nesting. Baits are much cleaner and do not require extensive preparation like sprays. We still may use a combination of methods with baits, sprays, and granules, but while using baits and gels, sprays will be kept to a minimum.

Baits formulations are continuously improving and changing.  Here at Mug-A-Bug our cockroach exterminator team strives to stay on the cutting edge with the products and technology made available to us to help combat the ever-changing roach infestation.

Primarily the two (2) most common roaches in Colorado are German and Brown Banded and occasionally the Oriental Roaches as well, but those are typically found in warmer climates such as Pueblo and are also known as water bugs.

Female roaches are constantly detaching and “laying” egg capsules on a continuous basis.  Out of each egg there will be roughly 30-40 nymphs that will be birthed.  For this reason, roach populations can explode quickly and get out of hand rapidly and in a short time.

We have had great roach removal success when baiting for roaches, even in several multi-unit and multi-family environments.  The key with baiting and NOT spraying is that baiting for roaches will keep them from potentially spreading to other areas of the home or even other units in an apartment complex.  They are kept from spreading because baiting will allow them to continue to feed on the same spot or in the same area.  In many cases when using sprays and aerosols (foggers), the roaches will flee and go deeper into wall and plumbing voids, only to delay or extend the eradication process and time frame.  Spraying for roaches is an “old school” and dated approach, which is why our cockroach exterminator team at Mug-A-Bug prefers to use a combination of roach removal treatment methods to include: baits (gel and granules), dusts, and minimal liquid spray applications.

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Cockroaches are creepy and more common than we would like, but Mug-A-Bug can make sure that your home isn’t their meeting place.  Call us today for quick results!