We Provide Pest Control and Termite Control in Colorado Springs

Mug-A-Bug provides superior pest control services for residential homes and commercial industries as well as termite pest control for the Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado areas for over 30 years. Our pest and termite control and lawn care technicians are trained and certified to use only government-approved pest management practices. All of our pest and termite control and lawn care services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


General Pest Control

Our job is to protect the environment and yet control troublesome pests in and around your home and/or business. That’s why we’ve adopted many methods for our general pest control service throughout the Colorado Springs area. We believe in creating an intelligent and systematical approach to a complex and common problem. We call it Integrated Pest Management or IPM.

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Termite Control

Many people worry about a fire or storm damaging their home, but statistics show that damage caused by termites is far more likely. By calling Mug-A-Bug, you can be assured of a professional inspection, recommendation, and program. Our termite inspection process is the first step to termite control or dealing with any current termite activity.

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Bed Bugs

This insect probably received its common name of bed bug from its association with human sleeping beds where it often seeks refuge during daylight, only to come out to feed on the occupant(s) at night. The bed bug is an ectoparasite of primary humans but will also attack poultry, caged and invasive birds and various mammals, including rodents. If you think you’re in need of a bed bug exterminator in the Colorado Springs area you’re not alone.

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What Did We Earn?

QualityPro Designaton

Mug-A-Bug Pest Control is proud to be one of a few pest control companies nationwide to earn the QualityPro designation, the seal of excellence in pest management.

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Why Choose Us

  • Technicians are trained and certified to use only government-approved pest management practices.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Largest independently owned pest control company in the Pikes Peak region.
  • All products are EPA-registered and approved.
  • Outstanding customer service!
Daniel is my regular service technician and he is excellent. He remembered a problem area from last summer for spiders and he made sure to do a thorough treatment in that same area again. He has GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
Ellyn S.
Luis is extremely thorough. He is kind and honestly one of the nicest servicemen to ever come to my house. It was a pleasure having someone so knowledgeable and yet so kind in our home.
Mark B.
Daniel is a super young man. He is great to work with and you are lucky to have him as an employee. It says a lot for your hiring practices due to the amount of responsibility that your technician’s have.
Doug K.