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House Fly Removal

House Fly RemovalAre you tired of having pesky, little house flies swarm around your computer screen as you are attempting to get work done in the office? Is it a constant dance between the fly, you, and the swatter as you frantically chase the pest throughout the cubicles and desks? House flies are busy throughout the day and find rest at night in corners of rooms, ceilings and within the walls of your office, restaurant, or building. Do you want to get rid of these annoyances once and for all? Mug-A-Bug Pest Control can help you and your business with house fly removal in Colorado Springs. Our pest removal expert will work with you to design a custom plan to help eliminate any further house flies from entering your home or business. They will also work to eliminate any flies that currently call your residence or workplace home.

Be aware, house flies can threaten more than just your nerves, they are a health concern if left unchecked.  They carry communicable diseases and dangerous pathogens that survive on the legs and body of the fly. Due to the large intake of food they consume throughout the day they are constantly depositing feces, which makes them a dangerous carrier of pathogens. They can carry over 100 pathogens including typhoid, cholera, and tuberculosis. They can lay 75-150 eggs at one time and spread in your offices, ceilings, and difficult to reach places whereyou would never think to look. Because of this, using professionals for your house fly removal project will be very beneficial.

Mug-A-Bug Pest Control can assure you quality results when utilizing our house fly removal services or if you need assistance with another pest problem in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and the surrounding areas.  The services offered can be utilized any day, at your convenience to ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We have proven experience servicing healthcare facilities, hotels, motels, industrial sites, restaurants, and commercial properties. The detailed house fly removal process that Mug-A-Bug will go through within and around your commercial space will help you rest easy as we will go above and beyond for quality service and results you can count on. This will take place through initial services investigating the interior and exterior of the building, followed by continued programs and regular check-ins. We ensure you with the comfort of not worrying about pests so that you can assure your employees, guests, or clients that your business is pest free. Mug-A-Bug offers reliable, safe, and customer focused pest removal in Colorado Springs.