I am refinancing my house and the lender is requiring me to turn in a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR). Is that something Mug-A-Bug can do?

Yes! We perform and complete hundreds of WDIR’s on a yearly basis.  The commonly used form that the lender is looking for is the NPMA-33 form.  When we inspect your home, we are looking for Wood Destroying Insects ONLY.  We will not note any other insects or rodents.  The purpose of this form is to let the lender know if there is any termite activity at the time of the inspection.  An important tip to remember or know is that only a company who is licensed in the Wood Destroying Organisms Category (Category 301) with the Colorado Department of Agriculture should complete your inspection for you.  If you should hire a company who is not currently licensed in the Wood Destroying Organisms Category, and they find evidence of termites, they will not be able to make any recommendations for treatment or how much a treatment should cost. They will only be able to advise you to contact another company who is licensed to treat termites.  Mug-A-Bug would be able to provide you with both the written report as well as a termite bid proposal, if we should find wood destroying insects at the property.


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