///Tips to Keep the Bite out of Your Summer

Tips to Keep the Bite out of Your Summer

Tips to Keep the Bite out of Your Summer

Along with the warm weather of summer comes outdoor adventures and activities that increase exposure to ticks and mosquitoes, insects which may transmit severe or sometimes fatal diseases. With cases of West Nile Virus and Lyme disease on the rise in recent years based on reports from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, personal protection against bites from both mosquitoes and ticks is extremely important.

Protecting yourself from mosquitoes and ticks  in Colorado Springs:

• Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colored and printed pattern clothing. Wearing light colored plain clothing especially during periods of high activity between dusk and dawn. Light colored clothing also enables you to easily monitor for ticks following outdoor activities.
• Avoid wearing sweet/strong scented perfumes/colognes, deodorants or lotions as they may attract mosquitoes.
• Using DEET (20% or higher) insect repellent helps to provide effective control for both mosquitoes and ticks. Remember to reapply based on product labeling.
• Decrease the attractiveness of your property for both mosquitoes and ticks by eliminative standing water (used by mosquitoes for reproduction) and tall grasses which provide resting places for mosquitoes and enables ticks to reach a height in which they can hitchhike on clothing/fur of humans/animals as they pass by.
• Protect your home – Mosquitoes often enter homes through open doors/windows. Repair/replace window screens and door sweeps that are torn or damaged. Inspect both yourself and your pets before entering your home after outdoor activities for ticks. Be sure to check warm areas of the body including armpits and groin areas on humans and ears on pets.
Be aware of the common signs/symptoms of West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease and other ailments that may be caused by bites from mosquitoes or ticks and consult with your physician if you become concerned.