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Robber Flies

Probably best described as a confused mix of several insects including a fly, a dragonfly and a mosquito, robber flies have a unique appearance.  Adult robber flies have a bearded look to their face with a concave area between their eyes with stubby antennae; beak-like mouth parts, long legs, a single pair of long wings and a tapered body round out a robber fly’s physical description. The loud buzzing of their wings during flight often results in robber flies being confused with horse flies or other biting insects; however, robber flies typically only bite when they are mishandled.  Robber flies are considered as beneficial insects as they are a predator of grasshoppers and other flying insects as adults and larvae which are associated with soil and decaying wood feed on the larvae of other insect species.  Pupation occurs in the soil in a pupal case.  Robber flies are a native species throughout the United States.  Robber flies are not available commercially due to their indiscretion as to their diet.