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Preventative Measures for Reducing Rodent Infestations

Preventative measures are an extremely important aspect of reducing your home’s risk of a rodent infestation.  Whether you have already experienced an infestation or are simply trying to avoid one all together, there are several things that you can do to be pro-active when it comes to rats and mice.  Here are a few of the key factors in rodent prevention:

Mice can fit through holes the size of a nickel and rats through one the size of a quarter.  Sealing plumbing and electrical penetrations helps to eliminate potential entry points into your home.  Caulking and/or steel wool can be used to reduce and seal these types of gaps.

  1. Check and repair or replace damaged weather stripping along all windows and exterior doors including garage doors.
  2. Seal gaps around foundation of the home especially where the foundation meets siding or other exterior coverings.  Check and seal any gaps around door and window frames. Large construction gaps may require metal flashing or other materials in order to reduce and properly seal them.
  3. Dryer, foundation and attic vent guards when properly installed and secured to the home are often effective against rodent entry.
  4. Remove pet food dishes (both food and water) at night as this is the time of primary activity for rodents.
  5. Store pet foods in metal or heavy duty sealed plastic containers.
  6. Pantry products should also be placed in plastic or metal containers to reduce food sources.
  7. Keep exterior garbage cans away from the home and covered with a tight lid.
  8. Maintain sanitary conditions within the home in order to reduce possible food sources by cleaning behind and under appliances such as the oven and refrigerator.
  9. Placement and monitoring of exterior rodent bait stations can also assist in stopping a potential problem before it starts. Garages are another important area for preventative station placement.

Need assistance in determining potential entry points? Contact us at Mug-A-Bug for a home inspection (service fees apply).

For an extensive list of preventative measures that can be taken for mice and rats, please visit: