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Cimarron Hills Pest Control

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General Pest Control

Rodent (Mice/Rat) Control

Termites New Construction

Termites Post Construction

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Cimarron Hills Pest Control

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Cimarron Hills, CO is an unincorporated community located in El Paso County. It is part of the Colorado Springs metropolitan area. There are a lot of parks in the area, making it a great place for young families. Cimarron Hills is a suburban area where most people own their own homes.

Owning your home means you have a lot of responsibility. As a homeowner, you need to take care of your home and do what you can to protect it. And we’re not just talking about protecting it from human intruders. Animals such as insects and rodents can also infiltrate your home, causing messes, property damage, contaminated food, health issues, and headaches.

No matter what’s bugging you, Mug-a-Bug Pest & Termite Control can help. We’ve been serving Cimarron Hills and providing pest control in Colorado for 40 years. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to dealing with pest problems. Our pest control company offers various packages to protect your home all year long.

General Pest Control in Cimarron Hills, CO

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The weather and location make Cimarron Hills attractive to pests and wildlife. Many homeowners struggle with pests in their home or yard. For small numbers of pests, you may be OK using DIY or store-bought pest control methods. For a larger infestation, though, you need professional pest control services.

That’s where our company, Mug-a-Bug comes in. No matter what type of pest problem you may have, our experienced and trained technicians will be there to save the day from common pests in Colorado. You can count on our team to reduce bug populations as well as eliminate your stress.

We offer several plans to fit your needs. We provide a set day and time for your initial treatment and regular service, so you always know when we’ll be at your home. You can count on us for positive experiences and complete satisfaction for a fair price!

Residential Pest Control in Cimarron Hills, Colorado

Residential pest control in Colorado Springs and other areas.

As a homeowner, you need to know that residential pest control is important in Cimarron Hills and all throughout Colorado. If you notice pests in your home, give Mug-A-Bug a call and we’ll get rid of them right away by providing a thorough inspection of your home. Here are some reasons why regular pest control can help you maintain a healthy and safe living environment:

  • Health risks. Pests such as rodents, insects, and cockroaches can carry and transmit various diseases to humans. Controlling these pests helps prevent the spread of illnesses and protects the health of residents.
  • Allergies and asthma. Pest droppings, saliva, and shedding skin can trigger allergies and exacerbate asthma symptoms. For example, cockroach droppings are known to be a common allergen. Effective pest control can reduce the risk of allergens.
  • Property damage. Pests can cause significant damage to the structure of homes. For example, termites can destroy wood structures, compromising the integrity of the building. Regular pest control can prevent this damage from occurring, saving homeowners from costly repairs.
  • Protecting personal belongings. Pests can damage personal belongings such as clothing, books, and furniture. Pest control measures can protect their possessions from being destroyed by pests.
  • Food safety. Pests can contaminate food supplies, leading to foodborne illnesses. Proper pest control measures can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.
  • Prevention of infestations. Regular pest control can help prevent infestations. Early detection and treatment of issues can prevent pests from multiplying and becoming more challenging to control.
  • Peace of mind. Knowing that your home is free from pests provides peace of mind. A more comfortable and stress-free living environment allows you to focus on your daily activities without the worry of pest-related problems.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Cimarron Hills, CO

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Having cockroaches, spiders, termites, ants, beetles and rodents in your office, restaurant, or other place of business can be a frustrating experience, especially if you have clients in your office often. You need to take the necessary steps to treat your business and get rid of these pests!

Because of this, commercial pest control is important for businesses. Here are some benefits you should be aware of:

  • Protects reputation. A pest-free environment is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation.  A pest infestation can damage the image of a business and drive away customers.
  • Ensures compliance. Many industries have strict regulations regarding pest control. You will need to adhere to these regulations to avoid fines or legal issues.
  • Health and safety. Pests can pose health risks to employees and customers. Commercial pest control helps create a safe and healthy working environment by eliminating health hazards.
  • Prevents property damage. Pests can cause damage to buildings, equipment, and inventory. Regular pest control measures can prevent costly repairs.
  • Prevents contamination. Pests can be especially harmful in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Pests can contaminate food and other edible products, leading to financial losses. Pest control measures help protect inventory and maintain product quality.
  • Increased productivity. A pest-free workplace contributes to a more comfortable and productive environment. Employees are less likely to be distracted by pests.
  • Customized solutions. At Mug-A-Bug, we understand that commercial pest control Is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer services based on the specific needs of each business. This ensures that the pest control methods are effective.
  • Peace of mind. Business owners have enough to worry about. Knowing that the business is protected against pests provides peace of mind for business owners, property managers, and customers.

Warranty Information

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All our maintenance customers have a warranty that will cover them from service to service. This means that if they should encounter any pest issues in between any of their regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, we will come out and spot treat the troubled area until their next scheduled treatment. 

One-time applications do come with a 30-day warranty. Treatment for bed bugs, spiders, ants, and rodents do not have a warranty because those services will typically require follow-up treatments to achieve eradication. We will generally come out every two weeks.

Preventing Pest Infestations

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Of course, the ideal situation is to not have to call a pest control professional to deal with an infestation. Here are some tips on how you can prevent a pest infestation in the first place:

  • Keep your home clean. Keep your home and surroundings clean. Regularly sweep, mop, and vacuum floors to remove crumbs, food residues, and nesting sites for pests.
  • Use proper food storage techniques. Do not leave food out for longer than necessary. Store food in airtight containers to prevent hungry pests.
  • Manage waste properly. Dispose of garbage regularly and use sealed bins. Make sure trash bins are kept away from the house. Rinse recyclables before placing them in recycling bins.
  • Seal entry points. Inspect and seal any cracks, gaps, or openings in windows, doors, and walls. Install door sweeps and repair damaged screens to prevent pests from entering.
  • Control moisture. Address any water leaks promptly, as standing water can attract pests. Ensure proper ventilation in damp areas like basements and crawl spaces.
  • Maintain landscaping. Trim bushes and trees away from the house. Remove debris from the yard, as it can provide hiding spots for pests.
  • Take care of your pets. Keep pet food in sealed containers and clean up pet food and water bowls regularly. Regularly groom and clean your dogs and cats to prevent fleas and ticks.

Looking at Different Local Pest Control Companies? Contact Our Pest Control Company Servicing Cimarron Hills Today!

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Regular inspections and proactive measures can help homeowners and business owners address pest issues before they escalate. So when you have pests or rats running around your home or business, don’t delay in getting treatment from our services offered.

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When you need pest control services in Cimarron Hills, see how the pest control experts of Mug-a-Bug Pest & Termite Control can get rid of insects, rodents, and other unwanted pests for good. Our pest control company can help you stay pest-free for less any time of the year. Check out our packages. When you need a quick solution, our Colorado Springs office is only five minutes away from Cimarron Hills. Call our Colorado Springs, CO pest control office today at (719) 591-0337 for an inspection and get your commercial businesses and home pest free.