///New Year, Same Pest – Termites Work Year Round

New Year, Same Pest – Termites Work Year Round

New Year, Same Pest – Termites Work Year Round

New Year’s resolutions often include home renovations and improvement projects that range from full remodels to simple DIY fixes. Pest prevention can help homeowners to keep their investment intact especially when it comes to termites. It is estimated that roughly $5 billion dollars in property damages are incurred each year in The United States; these costs are often not covered by homeowner’s insurance policies.

Depending on the species of termite, colonies can include millions of members. Termites and their damage are often unseen in homes and discovered when renovations are being completed. Termites are often found inside of the structural walls and even underground. While regions of warmer, moist climates typically experience greater pressure from termites, it is a common misconception that drier areas such as Colorado do not have termite activity. Subterranean termites are a threat to homes and structures across the country. In order to sustain their required moisture levels, subterranean termites travel in distinctive tube-like shelters commonly referred to as mud-tubes. These tubes extend from the soil enabling the termites to access wood/cellulose food sources. Termites remain active year-round with continuous feeding 24 hours a day. A mature subterranean termite colony has the ability to consume approximately 1,920 cubic inches of wood in a single year. That is equivalent to 2 ½ 2inx4inx8ft boards.  As termites devour the insides of timbers, wooden beams are left severely weakened, threatening the structural integrity of the home or building. Termites can enter homes and structures through holes and gaps as small as 1/32 of an inch.

Removing wood to ground contact, decreasing humidity and ensuring proper drainage of water around the foundation along with proper repair of foundation gaps and cracks will aide in decreasing the appeal of your home to termites. In the event that you believe that you may have termite activity at your home, a thorough inspection should be completed by a qualified pest control professional.