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Is Your Vacation Home Vulnerable to Pests?

Protect your Vacation Home from PestsAre Vacation Homes Vulnerable to Pests?

The simple answer to the question would be that yes, your vacation home is vulnerable to pests. Any structure that is left unoccupied for longer periods of time is at an increased risk of pest infestation. As with all life forms, pests have basic needs. A majority of the time these needs include a food and water source and shelter/harborage area. Vacant houses often provide all the basics for pest survival and to pests, being undisturbed is a bonus. A majority of pests have adapted to indoor living. They gain access through gaps, crack, vents, chimneys, doors and windows that are not properly sealed. In order to avoid pests making your vacation house their home, there are preventative measures that can be taken, here are 7 tips you can follow to keep pests out.

  1. Thoroughly clean the home prior to closing it up for the season. While the main focus should be on the kitchen area, this is important for all rooms. Remember that a few crumbs here and there can be a feast to insects such as ants. Kitchen counters, cabinets, appliances and shelves should be cleaned to remove and food or food residue. If possible, remove food items from the home. Anything that is to be left behind should be stored in sealed, air tight containers.
  2. Sweep/mop and/or vacuum all floors to remove potential food sources.
  3. Eliminate unnecessary clutter or items within the house.
  4. Store pillows, bedding and towels in sealed totes. Mattresses should be incased in covers to deter pest activity.
  5. Check the home both inside and outside for any necessary repairs including sealing gaps, cracks, crevices, weather stripping, screens, vents and chimney caps. Inspect and repair/replace any leaking faucets or pipes. If possible, shut off water to appliances and fixtures such as toilets. This will help to decrease water sources.
  6. For vacation houses in areas of high pest pressure, consider hiring a pest control professional to maintain rodenticide placements and keep a barrier of insecticide active around the home. Treatment of the exterior can help to prevent many interior infestations.
  7. If you encounter pest activity during your stay or find evidence of activity upon your arrival, contact a pest control professional for assistance.

If you need to keep pests out of your Colorado Springs vacation home, request a quote today!