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Ground Beetles

Ground beetles are a larger category of beetles that encompasses several species.  These ground beetles are most commonly found out doors under leaf litter, debris and other items in direct contact with the ground during the day.  From dusk to dawn however, these beetles are active and some may be attracted to lights of the home.  Rarely do ground beetles enter structures and when they do it typically is not in large numbers.  Physical removal is normally the only control method needed for these insects.  Capture in a container, on a glue board such as those utilized for mice and cockroaches or even a thorough vacuuming will usually rid the home of ground beetles that may enter.  No damage or reproduction occurs within the home, so ground beetles are considered to be a simple nuisance.  Ground beetles species are most commonly brown or black in color; however, there are species that display bright coloration as well.  Small to medium in size, these beetles commonly range from 1/8th to 1/2 inch in length with the largest species topping out at about one inch.  Their heads are narrower than their so called neck region and their legs and antennae are long both long and narrow.  Ground beetles do possess large mandibles which if they are handled roughly they may use to pinch the skin of their handler.  These beetles are active from spring into the fall, with the most common time for inside activity being middle to late summer when they enter the home through cracks, crevices and gaps in the structure.