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10 Tidbits of info you may not know about Mice & Rats

  1. Most commonly encountered mice by Colorado residents are the Deer Mouse and House Mouse.  Deer mice prefer outdoors or indoors in quiet undisturbed areas and typically end up inside during in climate weather.
  2. Norway Rats and Wood Rats (Pack Rats) are the primary rat species in the Colorado Springs Area.
  3. Wood Rats or Pack Rats as they are commonly called are known for “trading” whatever they may be carrying for a shiny object.  Their houses often contain these objects.
  4. Mice can jump roughly 18 inches into the air.
  5. Rats are typically bad climbers, but are excellent swimmers.
  6. Rats use their tail to help regulate their body temperature.
  7. Rats and mice are frequently host to parasites including lice and fleas.
  8. Mice and Rats must consistently chew on objects in order to wear down their constantly growing teeth.
  9. Mice can enter a home through holes the size of a nickel and rats through holes the size of a quarter.  Holes or gaps the size of a pencil or larger should be sealed to prevent entry.
  10. Both rats and mice tend to have poor vision and some rat species are color blind as well.