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A common nuisance pest throughout the state in any location where boxelder maple are present, boxelder bugs frequently invade homes during cool weather from fall to spring.  Infestations during growing season occur on the boxelder maple for which the bug is named.  Control within homes is limited as the home is not the source of the infestation and infested trees may not be located on the same property.  Their ability to fly also contributes to their limited control within the home.  Exclusion to prevent entry is often the best method in decreasing numbers.  Boxelder bugs are commonly seen on the sunny exposure sides of buildings where the bugs warm themselves.  Nymphs lack fully developed wings and are easily differentiated by their bright reddish orange abdomen.  Adults are 9-14mm in length and have a distinguishing V shaped reddish orange pattern on their wings.  Adults are primarily black to grey in color aside from their wing markings.  Boxelders are commonly mistaken for golden rain bugs and small milk weed bugs which also enter building structures and share a similar appearance.