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Auld Lang Syne – The New Year’s Resolution You Should Make This Year

Auld Lang Syne – The New Year’s Resolution You Should Make This Year

As the ball drops to ring in the New Year, many set goals and ambitions in the form of resolutions for the coming year. Most commonly, those resolutions include eating healthier, exercising, saving money, and organization of the home. When considering the changes that you want to make, it is important to consider changes that will save you time, money, and frustration. Pests fall into all of those categories. Preventing pests within the home makes a perfect resolution.

Pests often vary with the seasons. Mice and spiders are more common inside of homes during the winter months while ants, crickets, and centipedes are more common during warm weather months. A few simple steps can aid you in pest-proofing your home.

When packing up your holiday decorations, take care to ensure that pests are not able to climb into the decorations while they are in storage. Opting for durable plastic containers with tight sealing lids instead of cardboard boxes or bags will keep pests at bay.

Food sources within the home are a common attractant for pests. Store food including pet food in airtight containers. Immediately clean up spills. Regularly sweep and mop floors to remove crumbs. Garbage should be removed from the home consistently and placed in containers with tight-fitting lids. When possible, the containers should be kept away from the home.

Pest proofing on the exterior of the home is just as important as on the interior. Remove dead bushes, branches, and/or old fallen leaves from the yard. Trim trees back away from the house. Remove debris from gutters. Repair or replace loose shingles and flashing along the roofline to prevent standing water which may leak into the attic or walls.

Installation of door sweeps and weather stripping will not only keep the cold out, but it will also keep pests away as well. Eliminate spaces in which pests can enter the home. Check door and window frames for cracks and gaps. Seal around plumbing and utility penetrations. Check window and door screens for tears and holes.

Wood piles should be kept a minimum of 20 feet from the home and should be stored off of the ground. Covers may keep firewood dry, but they do little for keeping pests out of your firewood. Inspect and brush off wood prior to bringing it inside.

Start off each season with a thorough inspection of your home. Keeping pests away will reduce expenses and frustration incurred by an infestation. In the event you suspect pest activity may be present at your home, contact a qualified pest control professional.