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Western Conifer Seed Bugs

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Western Conifer Seed Bug

Much like the boxelder bug, the western conifer seed bugs is considered as an occasional invader into homes and structures.  This invasion occurs during cooler weather, typically from fall to spring.  The western conifer seed bug is found throughout the state and is associated with pine trees.  When disturbed, the western conifer seed bug will actually produce a pine like odor.  Western conifer seed bugs are brown in color with mild patterning to their wings.  Adults can be upwards of 16-20mm in length.  Western conifer seed bugs have long narrow heads with a substantial beak underneath which they use to feed on pine trees.  These insects are commonly mistaken as being part of the assassin bug family.  Unlike assassin bugs however, western conifer seed bugs are unable to bite.  The hind legs of the western conifer seed bug are long with flattened areas at the far end.  Western conifer seed bugs belong to the leaffooted family of insects.  As with other occasional invader type species, control is limited and care should be taken to prevent entry into the structure or home in which they have become a problem