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Rodent Bait Stations

The cute, little, fuzzy creatures we all imagine when we think of mice is great when we’re watching cartoons, but when the cartoons come to life, and these rodents make their way into your kitchen cabinets, the image we have in our heads becomes a little less appealing.

When mice and rats invade the comfort of your home, it is more than just their looks that seems unsettling. Unwelcome rodents can potentially carry diseases and filth that could spread throughout the interior of your most commonly used household areas. They can chew wires and cause electrical damage that could even lead to potential fire hazards.

When it comes down to it, rodents are not welcome. But how do we get rid of them?

At Mug-A-Bug Pest Control, we employ innovative techniques and treatments to ensure the most effective rodent pest control in Colorado Springs. We utilize rodent bait stations to manipulate the rodent behavior and eliminate the pests from invading your property. Our techniques vary according to your individual needs, and our tools correspond to the treatment method that is necessary for your specific rodent problem.


With our different types of rodent bait stations, we can eliminate the rare visitors as well as complete infestations. Unlike a trap, our bait stations play off the rodent behavior, itself. We lure mice into the stations where they ingest a lethal dose of bait. From there, the mice leave the station and usually return to their nest where the bait does its work.


While this method is an effective approach to rodent elimination, for larger infestations, we recommend routine maintenance with our refillable bait stations to continue the monitoring of your home invasion. With the proper treatments, your rodent problem will be gone in no time, and not just for now – for good.

Call Mug-A-Bug Pest Control today to restore your peace of mind and the safety and comfort of your home!