Why do some ant colonies survive after ant removal treatment?

The one sole ant in charge of populating the entire nest/colony is the queen(s). If she/they are alive, they can continue to produce more and more ants.  The more she makes, the more they need to eat.  Complicating the matter even further is that the queen ant will never leave the nest after she has established her colony, so there is no chance that you will get to her when you kill those ants that are just on the counter or surface with an over-the-counter product.  The queen(s) will continue to create worker ants to feed the colony.  The worker ants are the ones that you see in your house or foraging outside on the sidewalks.  Which is why most ant removal treatments will require some sort of ongoing maintenance to provide maximum control. With an ant infestation our Colorado Springs pest control team will find the right approach to get rid of your unwelcome guests.


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