What information will my vet need if I need to take my pet to the veterinarian for treatment?

They will need to know the name of the rodent bait or the active ingredient that is used in the rodent bait. All of this information can be found on the service ticket that was emailed over to you.  You can also go to our website at https://www.mugabugpestcontrol.com/emergencies/pesticides-msds-labels/ and you will find the complete list of products that we use.  It is in alphabetical order for quick reference and you will be able to click on the SDS or Label next to each product.  You will be able to print off that information and provide that to your veterinarian.  The most commonly used rodenticide by Mug-A-Bug is DIATRAC BAIT BLOCKS (for quicker reference of this product’s SDS (Safety Data Sheet) follow this link: https://www.mugabugpestcontrol.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/DitracMSDS.pdf .  Other rodenticides that are used are: Final Bait Block and Kaput Mouse Blocks.  As with most rodenticides, Vitamin K is the antidote for any accidental pet poisoning.


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