What do termites look like?

Termite swarmers (flying termites) are most commonly mistaken as “flying ants”. There are two huge factors that will help easily identify if you have a swarming termite or if you have flying ants, which are also called swarmers.  The first factor is that swarming termites will have a single body (think long grain of rice) and swarming ants will have a “pinched” waist or a curvy figure.  Termite swarmers also have one (1) set of wings that are equal in length and size.  Swarming/flying ants also have wings, but they have two (2) sets of wings that are not equal in length or size, as the front pair of wings is longer and bigger then the back set of wings, which are shorter and much smaller in size. Visit http://extension.colostate.edu/topic-areas/insects/termites-5-532/ for a quick visual reference and termite facts.  Visit our termite page (https://www.mugabugpestcontrol.com/pest-services-colorado-springs/termite-control/termite-info/) for more pictures and information regarding the different type of classes/workers of the termite colony.


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