My home was just treated yesterday and now it has rained and/or snowed. Will my treatment be washed away?

Not necessarily. As we mentioned before, our technicians are trained at where to apply products and chemicals so that weather does not affect them directly.  We will focus around the windows, door frames, and eave areas, which are normally protected by the overhangs and eaves of your home. Inclement weather does not affect any treatments to the interior of your home whatsoever, so in most cases when we have rainy or snowy days, we can still come and treat the interior of your home.  Most insecticides are designed to adhere to the surfaces to which they were applied.  If you really think about it and if the weather did truly have such a huge impact on the products that we used, we would literally have to go back out and re-treat every single house and account after each rain/snow storm. The manufacturers have created product formulas, many which are water-based, so a little rain does not hurt or wash away your treatment.  As always, we understand our customer’s concerns and will reschedule at their request, however, we can press on and treat as we normally would come rain, snow, or sunshine.


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