I’m very clean and organized…what are they mice feeding on?

Mice feed on just about anything. One of the most common foods that they will take to their nest is dry dog/cat food.  Our pets sometimes drop a few morsels of dry food on the ground when they are eating, and we do not always pick them up.  The next morning you might notice that food is now gone, because the mice come out at night and take those morsels back to their nest.  It is always our recommendation that you pick up and empty your pet dishes at night, to include their water bowls as well.  The pet food bowls are basically a free buffet with all you can eat and drink for the mice, as well as any dishes or glasses left in the sink.  Remember that mice are excellent climbers and jumpers, so many areas that you think are unreachable, are nothing more than another obstacle to conquer.


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