I don’t always remember to check my calendar to see when I am due for service…do I have to call the office to request service?

Again, all our customers will be grid on a specific day each month.  We also offer all our customers several different ways of being reminded and notified of their upcoming services.  We can now text, email, or call you based on the specific number of days prior to your scheduled service that you would like.  Whether that be a text message 3 days before, or an email as far as 30 days in advance, we can customize your service package 100% based on your preferences.  With our text and email programs, it is as easy as replying with either “yes” or “no”. If you reply with yes, our technicians know that your scheduled day is ok for service and they will call you the night before with a narrowed-down time window (between 9-10am or between 2-3pm).  If you reply no, we will automatically receive a notification that the regularly schedule day does not work for you and one of our admin staff will reach out to you to get you rescheduled at your earliest convenience.


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