How do you treat for roaches?

Similar to our approach for ants, we also use baiting as our primary method of treatment. The bait will act as a food source for roaches to feed on.  The baits used for roaches has a domino effect, in that since roaches are cannibalistic and they will feed on other dead roaches as well as fecal matter of roaches who have ingested the bait.  By doing so, the bait is spread quickly to other roaches and killing them as well.  Roaches do not have to directly feed on the bait itself to receive a lethal dose.  In some instances, our technician may use a spray mixed with a growth regulator, as well as baits, but baiting is our primary treatment method.  DO NOT USE ANY OVER THE COUNTER SPRAYS OR PRODUCTS AFTER WE HAVE TREATED.  Any products that are purchased over the counter are repellents and will only deter or repel the roaches away from our baits.


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