How do you treat for mice?

We use a few different methods of treatment for mice, and each method would depend on the type of account and what environmental factors may be present. For almost all residential accounts, our technicians will use our tamper resistant rodent bait stations.  These stations are a hard-black plastic “container” that will lock closed and we will have to have a special key to open the bait station.  We will place them in out of reach areas where children and pets cannot readily access the bait.  In some instances when dogs are present, we may not place bait stations in the back yard or in areas where dogs can easily get to them.  Other methods include tin cats, but those are generally used in commercial kitchens.  Rodent bait stations are placed both inside and outside of the home.  On the interior, they are going to be placed in out of reach areas such as: under the kitchen sink, bottom of your pantry, behind the stove, under the refrigerator, under the bathroom sink vanity, in garage corners or behind garage shelves, etc. For the exterior they will be placed around the garage door, each corner of the home, beside man doors going to the exterior of the home from the garage, etc.  They may also be placed in/around a shed/storage area.


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