How do you treat for bed bugs?

Here at Mug-A-Bug we prefer the chemical approach to bed bug treatments. When using a heat treatment, it is extremely invasive, and many items and belongings will have to be completely removed from your home or apartment.  Electronics, pets, plants, etc. cannot be exposed to the heat temperatures for the long period of time that it takes and requires for a heat treatment to be deemed effective.  There are also no long-term residual products used during a heat treatment, so once the treatment is over and the equipment has been removed, there is nothing left behind to work or help prevent any bed bugs from reproducing.  With the chemical approach that we take, we make sure that you will have a residual product used that will not only continue to work while we are gone (45-60 days), but we also make sure that there are growth regulators used in combination with our other products that will prevent all stages of bed bugs from either developing (eggs hatching) or adult females having the ability to lay eggs.


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