How do you treat for ants?

First, our technician will need to properly ID the ant species that are at your home. Identification is the first step for treatment because different ant species have different diets during different times of the year.  Ants have two (2) distinct diets, with the first one being sweets/sugars, and the other diet consists of proteins.  During the hotter summer months, ants will tend to feed on the sweeter and more sugary foods.  Which is why you will notice ants all over a dropped popsicle or even spilled soft drinks.  During the winter months, they focus more on protein (food crumbs and food grease).  Once we determine the type of ant, we then know which approach to take when it comes to their treatment. Our technicians will use baits (granules or gels) to treat.  While ants are out in the field feeding and foraging, they will mark their path or trail (with a pheromone) to the food source, and this path/trail is why you see ants in a straight line.  We will place our baits out along this “trail” so that the bait is tagged as a food source and other worker ants to come to the bait to feed on it and take it back to the nest or colony that we cannot get to directly, which is why baiting is the best method and application approach for treating for ants for this very reason.  There may be some instances where our technician may use both baits and sprays to treat for the ants, but that determination would be made once the technician has had the chance to inspect your home. To achieve a higher level of control, we want the worker ants to take the baits back underground and into the colony where the queens reside.


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